1 a.m.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
I happen to be extremely irritated this early morning...Could be the pregnancy talking, or possibly the excruciating back pains shooting down my spine, who knows. But so far into this deployment, I have realized there are 3 different types of Army wives that I am surrounded with :
(could be more, haven't met any of them yet)

Debby Downers: The spouses who would rather spend their days crying, weeping, and blaming the Army for their current lack of motivation and depression.

"HOOAH" Army Wives: My personal favorite. The women who treat the Army like it's just the last thing they'll ever live for. The women who tell you to suck it up. It'll be over soon. The women who criticize you for being human and having the occasional bad day. The ironic part of it all is these same women, are the first women to have their OWN breakdowns, but on paper, and networks, they are just the ideal trooper. 

Golden Girls: The rare handful of Army wives, that are human. They hurt, they cry, they have bad days. They get back up, they laugh, and they keep trying to make each day a better day, because really that's the only option we have that is going to keep us optimistic, and on our toes. They don't judge you, they understand you. We all may not be facing the same battles, but we are all surely walking somewhat of the same path.

If you couldn't guess yourself. The golden girls are the women I love being around. They are scarce, but I enjoy the few I have. 

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