22 weeks

Thursday, January 17, 2013
I can't believe I'm more than halfway done. The first thing I see in the morning, is my baby center app. It's actually pretty useful. It tells me how big Ava is, what's she doing in there, and a lot of other informational things. This week she weighs almost a pound. Her sense of touch has kicked in and she may be sucking on her thumb, or touching her face now. She's the size of a papaya.

It's bittersweet going through this pregnancy with my husband away. To keep him included I send weekly heart beat videos that I take while using my pocket fetal doppler. Anytime I get an ultrasound, I send him copies. I upload belly photos to our networking sites so that he's included every step of the way. One thing that makes me feel really good, is that my husband acknowledges the effort I am making. He's always commending me. Telling me how strong I am. How proud he is. It's in those moments, that the bittersweet feeling diminishes. No matter how far away we are from each other he will never stop being the man that makes everything better. Even in the bleak situations. Ava and I are two very lucky girls. Today is perfect !

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