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Saturday, February 23, 2013
I have to start out saying, I have read more books pertaining to pregnancy than the average woman should ever read. One of my fears early on, was that I wasn't going to be prepared. That it was impossible to soak up all the knowledge that is pregnancy, child birth, and postpartum. I was wrong. I've been pregnant 7 months now, and I feel confident and assured in the parenting choices Justin and I have decided thus far. ONE book that I absolutely LOVE.

This book includes EVERYTHING. I would recommend it to any newly pregnant woman, or a woman who is the mist of trying to conceive. One thing I've noticed about pregnancy is that EVERYONE has an opinion and a story to share. The most important thing i have to remind myself is that my experience will not mirror another persons. Some advice you HAVE to take with a grain of salt. & unsolicited advice is the WORST. 
On a really exciting note, I have started my parenting style list! 

During Labor:

-Allowed to move and labor as I wish

- Will avoid any aids to help labor go faster. (ie. no pitocin,) Unless there is a medical reason for these.

- Avoid c-section

- Baby placed on me 

- Delayed cord clamping. (daddy will cut when it is done pulsing or family member that is present)

- Baby to stay with me at all times, (if not daddy than present family member is to be with baby at all times)

-Absolutely no water or formula fed to baby. No disposable diapers will be used.

Our parenting plan for Ava:

- I will breastfeed until 24 months minimum unless baby self weans.
I will introduce solids at 6 months with both baby led weaning and homemade organic baby food.
- I will be using cloth diapers until my daughter is ready for potty training
- I will only use organic, safe products in my home and for baby.

- We will not feed Ava rice cereal under any circumstances instead we will blend organic fruits and vegetables. Dangers of rice cereal
- Baby will be fed organic as much as possible
- I will not be using the CIO method.
- I will baby wear, but once she can walk I want to give her the option to.
- Ava will be vaccinated. (pending research of each vaccination) 
- We are co sleeping until Ava is 5 or 6 months. Never in bed with us. Bassinet.

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