Pregnancy Must Haves

Thursday, February 21, 2013
I think I've hit some sort of revelation today. I feel whole today. I haven't been able to say that in months.

In light of recent events ( starting my third trimester next week) I decided to make a post of things that have been essential for me during my pregnancy thus far.

First and foremost my lord, my savior. I know not all people believe in god. They don't believe in having faith, or praying. I DO! He has moved mountains for me. It's my faith that allows me to continue my pregnancy without fear, or doubt. He has given me the greatest gift in this world ! I give it all to god ! 

A friend suggested these to me, they were heaven during my first trimester. I was always sick, and I couldn't keep much down. Breakfast carnations are loaded with nutrition. So even though I was super sick, being able to drink one of these in the morning helped with giving baby Ava her nutrients. 

Another friend suggested a filtered water bottle ( moms really are great for advice about pregnancy) The water in Georgia is just awful. The tap that is. I remember trying to drink from the faucet and actually throwing up due to the taste of the water. This bottle filtered the tap, and made the ice cold water enjoyable. I was able to get clean water from any where using this ! 

Okay, my pocket fetal doppler has been such a stress reliever. They can get pricey. I got mine on sale for less than $60.00. Pocket fetal dopplers can retail for much higher though. I can't tell you how relived I feel, every time I hear this little girl's heartbeat. Your OB will tell you not to invest, it's a waste of money. For me no amount of money in the world would keep me from ensuring that my baby is okay in my womb. ALSO with Justin deployed I was able to make videos so he could hear her heartbeat as well. It was a really good feeling for him, being able to hear that. 

I have posted about this before, my maternity pillow is amazing ! I don't know how I'd get a decent nights sleep without it. It also doubles as a nursing pillow, so I can still use it when Ava arrives.

Earth Mama Angel Baby lotion. Can you say buttery smooth skin ? I love it ! I never feel oily. I always feel soft to the touch, and it smells like orange vanilla popsicles. Earth Mama Angel Baby has an entire line of organic goods for pregnant women, during labor, for baby, etc. I am a huge fan, and I plan on using more of their products in the future.

I have always used a detachable shower head. In one of our bathrooms we have one with two shower heads attached ( my husband is somewhat of a water hog) I never realized how much I loved my shower head until I saw another mommy post it on her website. When you start getting MORE pregnant, the significance of being able to move the water, rather than having to shift your body makes showering so much easier.

For the last few weeks I have had MAJOR GI issues. It has caused me to go into Labor and Delivery a handful of times because the pain I am having is REALLY awful. I had my gallbladder removed last year, so the OB thinks it's happening due to that. Tums really help settle indigestion, and whatever is going on with my digestive system right now. They are packed with calcium which is great for baby !

I've got 13 weeks left of pregnancy, so I am sure I will be able to add more to this list throughout my third trimester. 

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