Sometimes NOT knowing is better !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
A friend and I were talking about deployment and OPSEC and it's significance. It really got me thinking about how OPSEC has played a role with my husband and I since he deployed. Since Justin left, I have noticed he is more along the lines of being a closed book. It's not something I'm used to because we have very open communication lines between the two of us. I've noticed that when he calls, emails, or writes me on facebook, work is the last thing he wants to discuss. When he does mention "work" he is brief and very non-descriptive. In the beginning of the deployment I attempted to ask questions and dig a little deeper but he would not budge on giving me any insight. Initially this was extremely frustrating for me and then after talking to a couple trusted "veteran wives" ( As far as dealing with deployments) I just came to terms with OPSEC being a part of his job. I may be his wife, but by him keeping me uninformed about things that are occurring with "work" he's being the soldier he is suppose to be. He's being a good soldier. He is also keeping me from a world of worry. Being pregnant I already have a tendency to be irrational when it comes to my husband's safety. It takes ONE slip up by ONE soldier for coming home dates to get pushed back, for the safety of a soldier or possibly a soldier's family to be compromised. So many bad outcomes can occur from soldier's NOT keeping a closed lid about their where abouts and "work" So I commend my husband. It's not easy to keep things from your spouse or your family. But that is what is asked of our soldiers when need be. OPSEC can save lives, I know that seems extreme, but bottom line is it's true. I wish every single soldier could comply with all that is expected of them.

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  1. That's a great way to put it, "work is the last thing he wants to talk about..." Exactly how Jimmy is and I'd never thought of it like that!