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Thursday, March 21, 2013
I realize I have been busy doing a lot prepping for Ava. I neglected to share some of the things I've been up to. 

  • Pregnancy Calendars ! A friend of mine gave me one a few months ago. I love it. If you love documenting milestones or you plan on documenting moments during your pregnancy this is the tool for you. It comes will all kinds of stickers, information, and spaces for you to fill in appointments, your weight, etc. 

Once your little one arrives You'll appreciate all the memories you had throughout your pregnancy.

  • I filled out my hospital pre-admissions for Ava and I. The last thing you want is to be going into full blown labor and having to fill out paperwork for the hospital. It literally only takes up ten minutes of your time. They have you wait until you hit your 3rd trimester to do this. During one of my visits my O.B. gave me an informational packet on where to go and what to do. I'm not sure if this happens for everyone. But make sure to do it. One less headache.  
  • Fetal kick Counts !I got a packet on this as well. It's a chart that allows me to document Ava's movement throughout the day. I started doing fetal kick counts at 28 weeks. It's a great way to familiarize with your baby's movement and active parts of the day. I use fetal kick counts as another form of bonding with Ava. I do little things that I know she will react to. It could be singing, swaying, playing with my belly. She responds to each of those things.                
  As for more natural and organic merchants. I did stumble upon another company that has organic and natural products for baby and the entire family. Click on the link and take a peek for yourself. I posted a few packages that I myself am going to try. As I use each product I will write a review.

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