Monday, March 25, 2013
You're probably wondering what GMO stands for, right? It's genetically modified organisms, or foods. Early in my pregnancy I was trying to make a decision for miss Ava. If we were going to make her food or feed her store bought baby food. After research, we have decided to make her baby food ourselves.

Most store brand baby foods do not contain preservatives, but what the label won't tell you is if the vegetables or fruits were exposed to pesticides or other chemicals. So if you're concerned ( like I was)  look for baby foods that are certified organic, since these have to be grown without the use of pesticides. This is where making our own food came into play. The cost of organic baby food is expensive.
Earth's Best Organic carrot baby food retails anywhere from $14.38 - 
$8.56 per 12 pack of organic baby food. At highest that is $1.19 per container of baby food. 

I posted a picture from the recent sales on earthbound farms organic carrots. Each of these price quotes are from our local Wal-Mart. I don't normally shop at Wal-mart for produce but this price is unbeatable. $0.74 cents per bag of organic carrots. Each bag contains 1 lb. Think about how many feedings you can give your baby with one pound of organic carrots. With a lower price !

So it's obvious that you maximize your savings by making your own food. They even have several different products designed to help you with your baby making food journey. I will list a few:

Hopefully this will give mom's to be, or moms in general an insight on ways to save money and prepare the best meals your baby will be consuming. 

ALSO check out the latest books on recipes for purees for baby food. 

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