Ultrasound day !

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Due to the GI problems that have been persistent since I was well into my second trimester, my O.B. put in a referral with Tricare for me to get a level two ultrasound done. I was really pleased with my visit today. I got to see an extensive look at Ava's growing organs, measurements, and her facial features from a 3D image. It was my first time having a 3D image done and I was in awe at how well I could see my little girl's features.

I was able to see the four chambers of her heart. Her heartbeat was at 150 and it's so strong. The tech was able to show me the hair on her scalp as well.

 Ava is weighing in at 3 lbs 12 ounces. Apparently this is on the smaller side. She's still in the normal range but the doctor wants me to come back in about three weeks to make sure that she continues to keep growing as she should. Everything with her was perfect and as it should be. It's a huge relief for me knowing that my GI issues are not effecting her growth. 

They did look at my liver, kidney's etc. And they found no issues which is good and bad. Good because it's better to not have any issues with my vital organs, bad because I'm having persistent pain that is unidentifiable and is most likely going to occur the remainder of my pregnancy.  

Overall it was exciting to see my little pudding pop so active ! I can't believe she was head down. I doubt she'll stay this way for the rest of my pregnancy, but the doctor said it's possible. I got about an entire roll of ultrasound pictures of this little girl today, So I have continued to put together her baby book. I think we have 5 pages left until It's all filled up. It's nice being able to look back at her 6 week ultrasound and now. The time has definitely flown by. 

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