33 weeks

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Since I am experiencing the lovely insomnia that is the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I thought why not spam my thoughts? I have been unusually calm these last few weeks. I think it's a mixture of my estimated due date being 49 days away, deployment coming to a tail end, and having people compliment me on this "glow" I seem to be radiating lately. I have had some major discomforts in these last couple weeks.  #1 I have to pee, like ALL the time. Sometimes I don't even make it to the bathroom.  Laughing makes me pee, crying makes me pee, I have like this infinite flow of pee ALL THE TIME. I'm carrying lower so my budding child is laying comfortably on my not so comfortable bladder. #2 Even as I'm writing this right now, my back is killing me. I've always had minor back discomfort due to the ladies up top, but this pain is excruciating. I've decided to invest in an exercise ball not only for back pain alleviation, but also for labor and delivery. They are super inexpensive and I suggest any mom expecting to invest in an exercise ball#3 Sleeping no longer comes easy. I can't get comfy. I never thought I'd miss being able to sleep on my back or my tummy. I DO ! Allegedly, sleeping on your left side gives you a better blood flow. Unfortunately, my body seriously rejects this position. Laying to the right isn't so great, but it's the only way I can even remotely come close to getting some shut eye. Three things that have been my saving grace more NOW than ever before:

  • My maternity pillow. It was in my top list of pregnancy must haves. This pillow is amazing. I usually end up taking midnight snacks to bed with me. Ginger ale and poptarts have been my guilty pleasure lately. I must have a hole in my mouth because something always ends up spilling or smearing on my pillow. I love that the cover is machine washable and easy to remove. Anytime I spill, I throw it in the wash and it's good as new. I know a lot of maternity pillows don't have this function, so it's been great to have it. 
  • My brita bottle. I didn't use this filtered water bottle as much as I thought I would, until recently. I'm on the go a lot and I don't invest in bottled water anymore. I still want my water to be clean, so this comes in handy a lot. I can refill anywhere and I know Ava is receiving yummy, filtered water. 
  • My removable shower head ! Love, love, love ! Breast stimulation in your 3rd trimester is a no, no... unless you want to go into early labor. Being in control of the water pressure and where the water goes from my shower head is such a life saver. I usually rock out to pandora during my showers & Ava goes crazy when I start singing and moving around. So that's also a bonus, it doubles as a mic too ;) 
On that note, nature is calling. Time to take bathroom trip 1,001 for the day.

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