Busy, Busy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013
I felt inclined to blog because I have a lot going on this week.

Slow day. Hanging out with a couple of Army wives.
Wading by the pool
eating lemon tarts

Level two ultrasound for Ava. Growth scan
FRG meeting for redeployment updates

finding organic diapers for Ava to use
national sibling day
hanging out with Victoria while she does her DIY project

Home visit from lactation specialist
Babysit baby Adalin
Dinner at the house of huddle

growth ultrasound and non stress test for Ava
Getting my hair done for maternity pictures
On the hunt for maternity dresses

buying Justin's grill from Lowe's for his birthday
Buy a birthday card for woobie/send it out !

Watching my Church sermon LIVE from back home
Watching baby Adalin
Maternity photos

I guess things wouldn't be so busy if I didn't have to drive an hour+ each day just to get things done around here. Worst part about living in the country. Not a lot of things are close by. Especially fun activities.

My recent buys:
My hospital bag !

Justin's early birthday present. Propane grill. porcelain iron cast.

Ava's DaVinci classic sleigh glider and ottoman 

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