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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Today I got my rock in green motley crew detergent in the mail. I was nervous because I keep forgetting I have to use an HE efficient detergent with my HE washer and dryer. Sure enough on the front of the bag there's the little "he" symbol. I am so excited about this detergent because I can use it on Ava's baby clothes as well as her cloth diapers. It is dye free, It contains no fillers, no enzymes, or optical brighteners. All of the information is actually listed right on the front of the bag, which is helpful when you are looking for a certain type of detergent !

I plan to update everyone on my cloth diapering routine once I start exclusively cloth diapering Ava when we get home from the hospital. I know it was really tough for me to find other cloth diapering moms with HE top loaders, So I'm hoping I can be a helping hand for moms that have been trying to find a routine that will accommodate their cloth diaper needs.

Tonight I am going to prep my GMD orange edge prefolds, 
my thirsty covers, and a variety of different pocket diapers. 

On a pregnancy update, Ava's monitoring continues to stay great and she continues to be healthy. I'll be 35 weeks on Thursday and she is still head down, which makes me relieved. There is always time for her to go into a breech position, and I would LOVE it if nothing else posed as a threat to the "ideal" labor I am dreaming of LOL. 
Today I packed Ava's hospital bag and my hospital bag, so we are good to go there. Oh ! I also have an induction date ! May 16th. I will be 39 weeks. They still want her to come out a little early just to be overly cautious of my smaller growing sprout.

My frustrations Lately

I've been having some doubts about the middle name Madeline. I think I'm going to go with Leilani. Justin and I KEEP discussing this ! We wanted to give her a strong name. I think Ava Leilani is strong. We keep going back and forth, So I'm thinking only time will tell so it's a good thing we've got 4 weeks to decide !

Driving an hour to and from Savannah twice a week for Ava monitoring, but still getting the option to deliver at the Army hospital ! Today I had to wait 2 hours for my appointment due to them being short staffed. Normally, I wouldn't complain, but who wants to drive an hour and then wait 2 hours and then drive an hour to get back home?  I can understand that this high risk clinic has more efficient equipment for monitoring, but I'm going to contact Tricare and see if there is any type of reimbursement they are able to give for all the mileage and gas ( a friend of mine mentioned this to me today, It couldn't hurt to try)

I've noticed my tolerance level and annoyance level are at an all time high. It doesn't take much for someone to irritate me or for me to get upset. That's actually out of character for me. Hopefully once Ava gets here and pregnancy is a mere memory on the journey to meeting my miracle baby, my emotions won't be raging as much as they are now.

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