My Savior.

Sunday, May 5, 2013
Woke up this morning feeling especially grateful for this colorful and vibrant life the lord has blessed me with. I realize faith is not something I talk about often on my blog, that is going to change. For most of you that don't know me, I'm a Christian. Being so far away from home, means I am unable to attend the church I've gone to for over 10 years. Thank goodness for modern technology. I am able to sit in on live sermons every Sunday. Church is important to me, not because I feel like it makes me more of a Christian, but because there are times when I feel as if I'm losing my way. There are times when my faith is being challenged by the struggles life presents. There are moments when I need assurance, and church does wonders in that way. I wanted to find something I could share with my readers, something motivational. Sometimes all we need is something uplifting to inspire us. Jesus Christ uplifts me every single day. His word, his grace. I know that he will never fail me. So I thought it'd be fun to share daily devotions. I've been a fan of daily devotionals for over four years and more times than not they make a world of difference. If you find yourself loving daily devotionals and you'd like your own book, here's the link.  Devotion today says: Humble Yourself !

Let this attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus. [Let Him be your example in humility]

Philippians 2:5 

Humility comes from brokenness; brokenness hurts so bad, but it "hurts good," Brokenness comes when we learn that we are not hotshots after all. Brokenness comes when we judge others, and then realize that we do the same things they do. Brokenness comes when we think we are going to step out and do something great, and then fall flat on our face because we forgot to stay plugged in to God.

Brokenness comes when we give our opinion, knowing that we are absolutely right to the point of arguing about it, and then find that we are wrong. Brokenness is good for us. Brokenness leads to humility, and humility precedes honor.

There is a devotion for each day of the year, I haven't decide if I want to share daily, or just weekly. I hope all my readers were able to take something away from these empowering words. I know I'm starting my day right ! Happy Sunday everyone.

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