New York

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Can I just say I haven't felt this "stress free" in weeks! Prior to block leave I was stressing hard core about packing, driving fourteen hours with an infant, etc. I didn't think I was going to enjoy the car ride up the coast (I didn't) I thought our dog was going to go nuts sitting in the car for so long... Surprisingly, everything worked out. I have to say, (I've said it before) we have got such a good baby on our hands. Ava was an absolute champ the entire drive up to New York.

When she slept, I pumped and expressed milk into bottles. She woke up, I changed her, fed her, entertained her and then she'd go right back to sleep. No major fusses. She did have one meltdown, but I held her and rocked her while Justin pumped gas and got refreshments; She was all smiles after that. I was even able to get like 6 hours of sleep while my husband drove straight through. We avoided Washington D.C. traffic and Justin was ELATED about that. Since we arrived in New York, the week has been nothing but family, family, exploring. Our last visit up here, I took ONE MILLION photos. Thanks to Cooper (our pooch) my SD card was destroyed (so devastated about this still) So this time around, I am retaking pictures of EVERY memory, mark, or significant place in Justin's life, here. The hospital he was born in, first school, the house he grew up in, etc. The cool part is, our daughter is in these pictures. Aside from this, Ava has been melting the hearts of her aunts, grandparents, and her great-family members.
Since we've been in New York our little sprout has changed so much. She's scooting on her tummy time mat, she's gotten bigger and she just jabbers SO MUCH. It doesn't matter where we go, we get compliments on her demeanor ALL THE TIME. Random people at diners, random people at stores, you name the place, there is bound to be someone there that notices how crazy amazing our 9 week old is. The weather in New York is one million times better than the weather in Georgia. We have all enjoyed having 70 degree weather with ZERO humidity. There is a cool breeze that gives me nothing but smiles. I love being in the city! Buildings EVERYWHERE, homes that are like little ticky tacky's, and restaurants MINUTES away. This is the complete opposite of our home life in Georgia. Being in New York reminds me of how much I miss my home state. Here's a little scroll of some memories from my husband's childhood!

Cooper is also having a ball in New York! He made friends with a family dog up here! Buddy! Justin's father lives out in the country and boy has Cooper LOVED being out on his land. 

Overall, I'd say this trip has been awesome! Ava is thriving, Justin and I are rekindling, and we are spending time with family. Really couldn't have asked for a better trip! 

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