Friday, August 2, 2013
I feel like SO much has been going on and I haven't had the urge to blog it out. It dawned on me a couple weeks ago, that some things are private. Some moments should just be between your family and yourself. That's exactly what I've been doing. We've had a lot of "firsts" for Ava occur these last two weeks, and I've just enjoyed them with Justin. Today Ava is 11 weeks old. Three months is approaching us quickly. Having Ava be as perfect as she is, has caused MAJOR BABY FEVER. A lot of people have said, " Leilani, you JUST HAD A BABY!" I'm not saying I want to be pregnant, tomorrow... but If we did have an incident where we were looking at having two babies under two, I would be happy. Seeing my husband as a father has also allowed for my baby fever to be out of control. He is SO SO good with his daughter.. Literally makes me melt. Whenever we're out somewhere, anyone looking at Justin with Ava will say something like: "You love being her daddy, it shows." Something sweet like that. It makes me melt, because it's true. He's never rushed with her. Always patient. He looks at Ava like she's his whole world.. and it's because she is. Other than my extreme BF we had a special treat on our doorstep the day we returned home from vacation... Ava's first citrus lane box. I was impressed with all the newborn items in her goody box.
We received:
  • A pack & go Mini Mobile from Tiny love. It comes with a bunch of different stimulating toys designed for Miss Ava to engage at different stages of development. 
  • Burpy bib from Aden+Anais. I am absolutely in LOVE with this product! super soft and generously sized.
  • Mum+Bub soothing ointment from Aden+Anais. I haven't used this product (I'm overly cautious about what I put on Ava's skin) but apparently, It works on just about everything from diaper rash to minor cuts, insect bites, chapped lips, etc. 
  • Little buddy wipes from ME4kidz. These are in the diaper bag right now! Antibacterial wipes for messy faces, sticky hands, etc.
  • Postagram from Sincerely Inc. An app that lets you turn your favorite snapshots into printed, personalized postcards right from your smartphone. I haven't used this app yet, I'm a loyal fan of smug mug! ;) 
I got all of these goodies for a mere 12 bucks! Over a 45 dollar value! I was thoroughly impressed with Ava's first Citrus Lane box. I'm excited to get her 3 month box for August.

Aside from keeping up with Miss A, my mind has been on the PCS we will be making. We have exactly 6 months until we move. We've got the busiest time of year coming up, Justin has training he has to tend to for one of those months, and we have to figure out which kind of move we want to make. I'm stressed even NOW, because with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up, we've got a lot going on. I'm hoping that I'll be so distracted with all of Ava's first's that everything will pan out just fine! 

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