Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Here lately, I have had the opportunity to watch my baby sister's life unfold more now than ever before. She is nineteen years old. High school graduate, in college, working a full time job. She is everything we could have hoped for. The one thing I admire about her is that she never settles. She isn't in a rush. She wants to see the world and give herself time to grow as a person. My baby sister is everything I hope Princess A is. I continuously think about the type of person my baby is going to be. It's a subject that Justin and I discuss a lot. That's why I've been making SO many changes with myself lately. I'm a work in progress every single day. Justin and I will never gain perfection, but we'd like to be as flawless as life will let us. We are a constant in Ava's life and we don't want to taint any experience for her if it's preventable. That's why we started a separate savings fund for traveling. We want to travel across this world as a family. The first stop on our list would be: Italy. We want to dip our child into culture so badly. We want her to be open minded and well rounded. We want to show Ava that there is a big world out there waiting for her to make an impact! I want my daughter to have options. I took a route with life that landed me with my soul mate and this god sent baby girl. I don't want Ava to feel like that life needs to be her. You don't have to be married, pregnant, and domesticated all before you are 21. As happy as Justin and I are, we want to encourage Ava to put her potential to work. This has all been on my mind so much more frequently lately. Watching my younger sister start this beautiful life of hers, has made me so happy. She is a great role model for Ava and I hope one day, god willing, we will be in an area near her, so she can be a daily influence with my baby girl!

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