Sunday, August 11, 2013
Last night was the first night I truly heard Princess A cry. Since she's been born I can count on ONE hand the amount of times she's ever had an "episode" It started around 830 p.m. she'd gotten fussy the night before, I just assumed she was going to fight her sleep again. Oh no! She was crying, LOUD. sucking her hands a lot more than usual, a lot of drool as well. I look in her mouth and her poor little gums were swollen. I gave her the recommended amount of Tylenol, and just held her close, rocked her, consoled her. It took about 15 minutes for the medicine to kick in (I assume) that's when her tears and cries came to an end. I felt so awful. Whenever Ava cries, I cry.  I have come to terms with it. I will never be that mother that is strong enough to watch her babies get shots without tears, to watch her babies fall down without tears, to watch her babies go through teething without tears. It hurts me to see her hurting so badly. I know this is just the start of our teething days. Ava hasn't cut a tooth at all. It could be awhile before we see a little tooth emerge. I'm not a fan of giving her medicine on a regular basis, so we are going to try:
  • teething tablets 
  • Teething rings
  • rubbing our fingers against her swollen gums
She seems to be fine during the day, that makes me super happy. We were able to take a shopping trip today and stock up on winter clothes for baby girl. She was just her normal, happy self. On a side note, I finally got a poop out of my baby love! Sounds weird, right? Being excited about poop? haha. Well apparently breastfed babies slow down the poop between 6-12 weeks. They can go a couple days without a bowel movement, due to the fact that breast milk doesn't present a lot of waste. While that is a good thing, it freaks me out! This is the second time Ava has gone 24 hours without poop, (she's usually a 3-4 times a day pooper) I get alarmed when her "norm" changes. Ironically she's going to have a lot of changes occur over the next year. I guess I should calm down and get used to it (probably not going to happen) Well, i'm off to snuggle my baby love! Happy Sunday folks!

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