2 months

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I get to start my countdown! I still can't believe it's been almost a year since Justin added more time on his contract. This time two months from now, my family will be undergoing the out processing stage of a PCS. Justin will be clearing this installation and we will be kissing this state goodbye! I'm a little excited/nervous
knots in the stomach/border line vomiting, like excited vomiting... If that's even possible. The things that stress me out the most would have to be..
  • Justin. I love and hate how laid back he is. If it isn't business related, he is leisure about almost everything
  • Packing. I am too anal to just throw things in boxes (Justin's preferred method) I need structure and labels and order.. I need time to get things done my way
  • Mail and forwarding addresses... Because we won't have a new house ready, I don't have anywhere to send my mail! I don't have an address to forward our bills to.. our statements to! Ahh!
Those are pretty much the jist of the stress bugs. Everything else, I have figured out, or I won't have to worry about until we are actually moving. I kind of wish I was a more "care free" person. That way we could already have a house lined up. I refuse to rent a home that I have yet to see. I know a lot of people who have rented homes prior to arriving at their duty stations.. Here's the problem with that.. I also know a lot of people who have horror stories to share, when they do things that way. I just don't like the thought of my family of four being cooped up in a hotel room. It's stressful, and there's no order. I've got my fingers crossed that the houses we have found are exactly like the pictures AND that I fall in love with them! This way, the only decision I have to make is choosing between houses I love! 

Before this two month mark, I was stressed out about driving with Ava for that long by myself.. Now, that's not even a stressor for me. If I have to stop to tend to my child, I'll stop. If she can't handle being in the back seat for a certain amount of time, we'll stop for the night. After our 17 hour car ride to New York, I'm pretty confident Ava will be a complete gem. I hope all the things I'm stressing about cease to stress me out two months from now. I'm pretty good about getting things figured out. I just hate the process.

I'm curious to see how long Justin's out processing will take. Allegedly it only takes 10 days. Justin is allowing himself 3 weeks to get it done! Love that about my stud! Always gets things done when it comes to business! He'll have 30 days of leave, which is always nice. 17 personal days, 10 TDY's & 3 travel days! That makes moving A WHOLE LOT BETTER. Last year, I had to move by myself. Granted, I had help, but I didn't have Justin. I was also pregnant last year! Oh yeah, this move has to go a lot smoother! I'm not pregnant and my husband's home! Those positives actually kind of turned my mood around a little bit! Yay for optimistic thinking! 

Now to wrap up this beautiful Sunday by watching the Falcons get their butts kicked! Goodnight All! 

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