A good night

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Last night was fantastic! (surprisingly) Football season is definitely among us and I couldn't be less excited for all the college football games going on. My husband decided to have people over for the Notre Dame and LSU game yesterday... but due to me bickering up a storm, that didn't happen. I haven't been in the best mood. (thanks to thee crismon tide) YIKES! So instead of having people over, we decided to head out to a friend's house to catch the game. From the time I walked in the door, it was a good time. You know when you're around people that just make you laugh constantly? I don't mean the little chuckles, but the belly, abs aching type of laugh? Yeah I had a night full of that. There were several guys from Justin's deployment squad present, so I got some nice stories from their Afghanistan tour too. A lot of people think having a baby means not being able to be as social... either I have the best almost 4 month old in the world or that statement is just false. We didn't wrap up our night until midnight and Princess A was a total gem. It was so weird seeing so many soldiers just fawn over my daughter. They took turns holding her, playing with her, and offering their babysitting services. Ava never usually smiles for unfamiliar faces, but last night she was gummin' it up. Talking up a storm for them! Justin's battle buddy (more like brother, since deployment took place) Bought Ava all these LSU outfits. He's from Baton Rouge, so naturally he's a tiger's fan. They were so cute. One of them says:

This one was my favorite onesies. He insists his niece will be an LSU fan or nothing else. Meanwhile, Justin's other battle won't stop with the hook em horns. He's from Texas, loves Texas, only roots for Texas. Too bad they lost last night! He kept putting the hook em horns up with Ava's little fingers, it was really cute. Ava went to sleep at her normal time, and we were able to finish up the games while we were out. It really was a good night. With the thoughts of Syria causing another deployment, I'm glad we are able to spend time together like this. It's a beautiful thing when you have men that spend months in a war zone together that come back as brothers. That's how I see it. My husband has a handful of brothers and Ava has about a dozen new uncles! Life is sweet and last night was one for the books! I'm off now. It's BBQ and NFL day in the Howland home! Can't wait to watch the Falcons lose!

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