Monday, September 2, 2013
As if raising a brand new human being isn't hard enough... You have to deal with overly interested, overly compensating mothers going through the journey of motherhood as well. I find myself getting extremely annoyed with some of the "mommy acquaintances" I have made. The best feeling on earth is when Miss A does something brand new for the first time. It brings tears to my eyes every time she hits a milestone. I love being able to share this with my friends and family. ONE thing I absolutely HATE is when you're so joyful about sharing and then someone tries to rain on your parade by saying, "Well, Bobby was doing that at XX months" OR " Bobby gets that all the time, remember?" Alright.. pretty sure I wasn't talking about Bobby. Don't get me wrong, having your child hit a milestone is an amazing feeling, but did you really have to make that comment while I'm trying to talk about MY CHILD? It's not a race, it's not a competition. Your child is not a game. I don't usually get this from mom's my age or older, it's usually the younger moms. I hate to target a specific age bracket for mother's but my goodness! I'm busting my butt over here to ensure Princess A is getting the best I can give her. Nursing her, only organic foods (when the time comes) attached parenting, baby wearing, setting aside times everyday for tummy time, etc. Do I throw that in people's faces? NO! Truthfully, because I don't care how others parent their kids, and if Ava is doing something ahead of schedule, I don't throw that in people's face's when they are raving about their kid's. I let them have their moment. I described these mom's as "overly compensating" earlier. I believe it to be that way, because prior to having my own child, I saw other's parent their kids. Some of them leaned more towards convenience. Not for the baby, but themselves. Others treated their kids like a bargaining chip with their spouses (REALLY SAD) and some seemed like they weren't quite ready. Those are just my opinions. I feel like because I observed ALL of that, they feel the need to make me aware of everything their child is doing. Like they're trying to defend the fact that they are good mothers. I wish they would stop. I truthfully don't sit here and expect everyone to parent the same way. That's a ludicrous notion. How do you politely tell them, "don't defend yourself, you're not on trial here." I just wish people would spend more time invested in their kid's then trying to "one up" someone else.

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