Blink of an eye

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Today Ava is five months old. Five months. These last five months have been the most nurturing time of my life. Ava recognizes her name now. Whenever we say Ava or Ava bug, she looks for the voice in the room. She uses and holds onto her teethers, sits up for a few seconds, and has started pushing herself up on her legs. She is still in three months clothes for right now, as of yesterday I pulled a good chunk of her six month clothing out. Ava started saying "Ma" a couple weeks ago. She's definitely making more "aa" sounds. We still cloth diaper, I still exclusively breastfeed, and we have yet to give Ava any solids. I'd really like to hold out until she is six months old.

Ava has shown definite favoritism with her daddy. I don't mind, he's a pretty great guy. Sometimes I find myself getting a little jealous, but since I get to spend more time with her, I'm glad she's so fond of Justin. I do love that he's around for all of her firsts. Justin was the first person to see Ava roll over. He was the first person to have her sit up by herself. Those types of memories are priceless and I'm glad he has them.

What else has Ava been doing? Rolling over in her bassinet while sleeping. We stick headbands on her pretty much everyday. I love that she looks like a little lady. She has been putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, including her own hands. Sometimes both hands at one time. She got her first cold a little over a week shy of her turning five months old. She is now on the final days of that! (thank goodness) We haven't used anything new with her in the last month. tummy time is still a frequent thing, and we still use her bumbo. We will have a few new items in our house in the next month. One of them being a high chair!

Things have continued to be fantastic with my baby. She is such a ray of sunshine for her parents. I'm excited to see what her six month update will bring. We have another well baby visit. Hopefully we'll still be in Georgia so we can wrap up her first six months with the same provider. Alright, I'm off to go snuggle my baby love. I plan on starting DIY projects for Ava in the next month or so. Be on the look out for tutorials and photos! Happy Thursday all! 

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