Sunday Madness

Sunday, October 13, 2013
Both of my babies are knocked out right now. Today has been such a "go go go" type of day. Ava still has a cold, Justin woke up with a cold, and I've had to find time to do the grocery shopping, the cleaning, the cooking, school work, AND taking care of my sick babies. The life of a wife and a mother, I tell you it's a busy one. I did manage to snag a pregnancy test from the grocery store today. I bought a cheap one and it was... negative! I was relieved. Justin has been urging me to get blood work done though. He feels like something is going on, and he wants me to get checked out. On a holiday happy note, I am officially stoked for Christmas! I found so many cute little ornaments to add to our tree this year! I'm waiting on our quilted stockings as well. I ordered matching ones from pottery barn kids. I don't think I shared a photo of Ava's ballerina stocking, so here it is!

I love how it turned out. I ended up ordering a quilted train for myself and a quilted Santa for Justin. We had the oddest conversation about what names to use on our stockings. Leilani and Justin.. or Mom and dad. I opted with our first names rather than mom and dad. I did it for the simple fact that when our kiddos are older I can ask them, "Okay, which one is daddy's stocking?" or "Put daddy's goodies in his stocking" may seem silly, but I found logic in it. I even purchased German glitter alphabet ornaments. I bought one for each first letter of our family names including an "H"  for our last name. 

I'm so consumed with Christmas cheer I can hardly stand it. 

Another little thing I thought i'd share would be a marinade for steak. I know, I know, completely random. It's honestly more for me than for you guys! I don't want to forget it. Justin's battle buddy bought these ginormous steaks awhile back and they were delish to boot! I asked what he used to create that marinade so I thought i'd post it here, just in case any of you were interested in some yummy steaks!

Alright guys, I'm off! Ava bug just woke up and she needs her mommy snuggles! Enjoy your Sunday All! 

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