Homemade anyone?

Friday, October 25, 2013
So I probably won't be posting these next few days. We've got a busy weekend ahead of us and very little time. Tonight has been completely awesome (with the exception of Justin being on stand by) and mellow. I made a complete homemade dinner for Justin and I! It was delicious. I love when I cook hearty meals for my family. It helps that my husband doesn't like most store bought meals and he rarely ever chooses to go out (unless it's the olive garden).

We also discussed this "wonderful" Army life in depth. He said something this evening that actually made me tear up. In our almost three years of marriage, I have never been "that wife" that gets hung up on the label. I have never said I love being an Army wife, I have always said I love being Justin's wife. Even though I've only known my husband as a soldier, he's MY husband. and I'm HIS wife. No other labels are needed to glam up our marriage. I'm thankful that things like that make him happy. Someday the Army WILL be a distant memory. I can't say I'm not excited for that day.

This weekend we are heading to Savannah for some family fun. Since the weather is going to be on the chilly side, scarves and boots are a given. I'm very excited for this! Ava has yet to wear her cold weather clothes and she looks so cute in her little skinny jeans. She's so petite and she looks like a little princess! I love it! I can't wait to take her to the zoo (random) before we leave the state of Georgia. That's coming up in a few weeks and I just can't wait. She'll be decked out in her baby scarf and little mock uggs.

Alright, looks like I'm off. This week has been the best week I've had in a while. My mom sounded so much better this week. I literally lit up when I talked to her. She was trying to talk to Ava, laughing, and she's getting ancy for this compassionate reassignment verdict. I'm in the same boat as her, all we can do is wait and pray and then pray some more. I hope you all enjoy your weekend with your loved ones! Happy Friday!

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