Tuesday, November 19, 2013
I really should be doing homework right now... or sleeping. I'm feeling pretty wired and a little overwhelmed. Ava is still sick and congested (my poor baby), I wish we could fast forward past this cold. Justin has a sinus infection (again, my poor baby). I'm taking really good care of both my Howl babies, while trying to plan a PCS and juggle school. It's really a lot to have on my plate right now.

Today was Ava's third day of sweet potatoes, it's safe to say, she's a pro at eating. I haven't really started giving her juice just yet, I'm thinking one I start fruits I will. Bug's been sleeping longer at night, and I can't help but think it's due to not being hungry in the middle of the night anymore. I'm debating what her next food will be... Avocados or butternut squash.. so many choices! Even though he's sick, Justin insists on feeding her. I was all on bored, until they both sneezed sweet potatoes everywhere!

We decided on a house today. I didn't want to put a deposit down on a house until we actually got to Texas. I'm really leery and skeptical about things like that. I like seeing what we are getting ourselves into. But, I also liked the thought of already having an address, prior to the move. I hate moving to new areas. I hate not knowing what the city looks like, or what to expect.

 One thing I have been freaking out about are sex offenders. I always use the crime websites to see what type of neighborhood we could potentially be moving into. I don't know why I get stressed out by this kind of stuff, but I do. I don't like the thought of some awful person living close to me. Especially with having a child. The thought of anyone trying to hurt us, really brings tears to my eyes. I hate it. Due to my fears, and being in a new area, I told Justin he could purchase a gun. Of course he's thrilled about the thought of having fire arms. I just always thought I'd be a a tree hugging hippie. Peace and Love. I guess you can't always have peace and love when they are predators out there.

I really hope the house we chose is a winner. The area is appealing, lots of military,and from the web research, it's great. God willing we won't even be in Texas long, but if we are, I hope this house is everything we need it to be. Alright, enough stressing. It's 1230 in the morning and I need to sleep. Ava has her six month check up bright and early, AND I have to get our medical records while I'm at the hospital today. Wednesday is going to be busy, busy.. and did I mention I have a 700 word psychology paper due? Yeah, procrastination really is the thief of time.

Goodnight all!

♥- Leilani

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