Eight months old & PNW

Friday, January 17, 2014
Here we are again! My little lover bug is eight months old, and my oh my have things changed for us drastically. Ava is crawling (newly), she has teeth, and she can pull herself up on things. Those are the biggest changes we have noticed. We introduced stage two foods, and she is in love with everything that has chicken. Ava can now say Ma Ma, Da Da, Na Na, and Ba Ba. She is so vocal and she jabbers her little words all the time. We have a very animated and happy baby on our hands, I love it! Even her hair is growing a lot more; That kind of happened over night, it's coming in thick and long. I usually write a list of new things that we use with Ava, however I have noticed that we are taking more things away than we are introducing. So here are a few of the things that we are no longer using with Bug.

 Ahh, the bassinet. We had a great 7.5 months with it, but now that Ava has decided to pull up (and over) on things, it's time to retire it. The great thing is we are still able to use it as a play pen in our home. It's crazy how I'll sit her in there when I'm not wearing her, and she'll actually entertain herself. She doesn't prefer her "baby" toys anymore, but she'll play with her wipes case, or something that really isn't meant for play time.

We have retired the bath tub! Granted, we retired this when I started co-bathing again, but we have decided to toss it out completely since Ava is a sitter. In this new house she has her own (HUGE) bathroom, and I plan on decking it out in princess decor, and really just allowing Ava to get familiar with mom and dad bathing her from the sideline. Our Bug definitely loves water, so it'll be fun to see her splashing (mainly mommy) while she enjoys her big girl tub. 

We have also done away with the bumbo. We did purchase the play tray which actually ended up being a waste of money, because we use her highchair so frequently for eating. The bumbo was great when Ava was learning how to sit up, but now that she's mastered that, there really is no use for this item in our home anymore. It seriously brings tears to my eyes knowing that we are packing up all the smaller stage babies items.

The last item that we are doing away with.. is the infant car seat! We have found a convertible seat that we love, and I plan on making the switch in just a few days. Since I baby wear pretty religiously, this baby essential has become more of a hassle, than it is helpful. We never use our stroller anymore (but still have it in the trunk), and we never take it into stores, restaurants, etc. The only time we truly use this seat is in the car, so I thought why not make the switch. Ava meets the weight requirement, and it'll be better for her to get used to that seat, (since she'll be in there for along while).

I really can't believe we are this point already. I knew my little girl would grow up in a blink of an eye, but you really don't realize how fast it all goes. My favorite thing lately has been hearing Ava's laugh. Justin tickles her little tummy, and blows on her belly button, and she loves it. She has this adorable little laugh that makes my heart melt almost instantly. We are a very blessed family, and Ava has definitely made life so much more worthwhile. I've been very excited to share these types of experiences with my family. The Army allowing us to move closer to them was the best thing for our family. My heart is so full of joy, I can barely contain myself. These experiences lately have reminded me why I need to keep my faith live, and strong ALWAYS!

I did want to give a brief update of how Washington has been so far. I AM IN LOVE. I cannot express that enough. I have tasted authentic oriental food, I have gone to familiar grocery stores, and found all the organic items a girl could ever dream of. Especially in the baby section, we have only purchased organic items for our home, and I have to say, I already feel cleansed. Seeing my family has been so surreal. I cried when I saw my mom for the first time. She just hugged me, and I instantly felt like a little kid again. All the worries I had about not seeing her ever again, just left. The bonus? When my mom held Ava for the first time, she didn't cry. She just let my mom smile at her, and touch her precious little cheeks. Having her just minutes away is truly a god sent. We will actually be spending time with my mama tomorrow, and I'm excited! Justin, Cooper, and Ava seem to be adjusting really well to Washington and it's cold weather. Cooper loves being outside, and he loves the new house. I love the new house too! The island that is in my kitchen is probably my favorite part of my home. That and the master closet. Although our things aren't here yet, this place feel so homey and right for us.

Well that's all guys. We have another busy day ahead of us tomorrow. I plan on posting a video walk through of our home, so watch out for that. I hope everyone has some awesome plans for the weekend! Be safe, and Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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