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Saturday, January 25, 2014
I cannot believe I am still without wifi. This is some kind of record for me. We have been in the state of Washington for over 11 days, 9 of those have been spent in our new home, and still, we have no wifi. I am beyond irritated with Century Link and their customer service. Not being able to use social media sites has been refreshing, while feeling rushed to write papers or work on assignments for school, has not. A tech should be out Monday (hopefully), let's hope we'll be up and running by then. Today was a really good day. It was a really calm day too. We didn't go anywhere. It felt weird. I really wanted to take Bug and her daddy to the zoo ( I wanted to see the elephants), but Justin needed a "chill" day. Moving back to my home state has caused our entire family (yes, even Cooper) to be on the move every single day. Although I don't mind the fast pace, I'm glad my husband knows when to call a relax day. We took a walk in our very large neighborhood, and I discovered a little gem, just minutes away from our home.

Yep, it's a park. Although Ava bug isn't old enough to play on this thing now, by the time the summer hits she will be. Or we can push her on the swings at the very least. I am thinking of having Ava's first birthday here. It's location couldn't be more perfect, but it's also kid friendly. There are a good amount of park benches, and we could bring the grill from our home to the park. The idea is still in the works. I know Justin loves the idea of a free venue. Speaking of Ava, and growing.. we started giving her finger foods. Food is definitely  a big deal in this house, especially when our girl is such a picky eater. We gave her organic yogurt melts from Gerber, and a couple other organic canned finger foods. Turns out they are a hit with Ava, and we love watching her pick them up and feed herself. Also, Ava has been sleeping over 13 hours each night, and I love it! Teething has cut our little bug a break, and she is back to eating all her meals again. We put her down for bed at 730 and she stays in bed until 830 or 9am. I'm so happy with how consistent her sleep schedule has been. 

I think I've also come to decision about future giveaways.. I have decided to end that part of networking. Don't get me wrong, it has definitely been a privilege to review and giveaway baby geared items, but my attention and focus is needed elsewhere. I'm still going to blog, and write about things we love and use with Ava bug, but I think that may be the extent. I have already scheduled to have my facebook page deleted and anything else I get from any company, I plan on giving to friends or family that are interested. On another note, we put up our first piece of decor in this new house. It's a decal, a very cliche decal, but I found it to be very fitting. 

In an effort to not up our data plan again, I'm going to call this a wrap! The movers come Monday morning ( I may have already mentioned this in a previous post) and I am singing the hallelujah chorus. I can't wait to have my furniture, my desk, my bed! Happy Sunday all! Make it a great day.

♥- Leilani

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