10 months

Monday, March 17, 2014
Yes, the double digit months are among us. I can hardly believe that I am a mama to a ten month old. So many things have changed this past month, so let's get to it! Ava bug's eating habits have changed so tremendously. She eats so much now, she's drinking more fluids, (breast milk is still the main source), and she's going to be taking her first few steps any day now. In her nine month post, I remember saying how she was barely standing. Now she's standing for a good amount of time, to where she looks as if she wants to take a step. Daddy was in the field for two weeks, and came home to a very vibrant, and changing child. Ava has been swaying back and forth whenever she hears music and Bug's wave has become more sassy. Ava also shakes her head "no" every single time we say it. Here lately, Ava has been interacting with her pooch a lot more. Putting her hands out for him to give her kisses, giving him some of her snack foods, and pulling on his whiskers like crazy. She sits in restaurant highchairs (she has been since about eight months old), and she drinks from a straw. She has also been adding some very distinct teeth marks to her crib. The ironic part? She doesn't even sleep in it. She will play in there when I'm doing cloth laundry, or vacuuming, but that's about it. Justin has to lower it this weekend, because we saw Ava trying to use one of her toys as a step stool! As you can see, we have had so many changes for our family this past month. As usual, I wanted to list some of the new things we are using in our home with our sweet bug:

I'm not too thrilled about this walker, but it's in our home. Justin picked it up from babies r us, and insisted that Ava needed it. I think we've used it about a handful of times, but I still prefer to have Ava grow on the floor. She's developed right on track this far, and I don't feel as if we need these types of toys. I will say that Ava loves pushing down on the palace. When you push it in, it makes all kinds of princess songs play. Aside from that, this thing is bulky, and takes up too much space downstairs.

I should have posted this weeks ago, but I don't think I have. I'm a complete germ freak, and these things are a must! I was actually out to lunch with my sister, when another couple came over and thanked me. They thanked me for using a highchair cover, because they'd worked in the food industry and said they know how "often" these things get cleaned. Balboa baby is truly an amazing line, and I'm so glad we found this seat cover. The material is great, and there isn't any wear from the washing machine. I wish I would have found this before I put Ava in a restaurant highchair, overall I'm just glad we have it now.

Something else we use pretty frequently, are books. Ava actually seems entertained by all the pages, and by daddy reading. That's a part of their bonding time, and I love it. Some of the other books Ava enjoys are: Baby beluga,Guess how much I love you, and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. I love that we are starting this habit at such a young age. I still plan on making Bug a book shelf in her room, either later down the road, or at the next home we find ourselves in.

The last new introduction would be these munchkin trainer cups.We haven't really been pushing sippy cups on Ava, but we will definitely not be using a bottle ever again. It's been seven months since Ava really had a bottle, and I think it's frustrating for her when we've tried to use it. These sippy cups have soft tops, and they work great for Bug. She can get water and her diluted juice just fine out of here. The best part? We don't have to deal with weaning her from a bottle. I've heard that can be treacherous.

We are definitely closer to having a toddler on our hands, and I just can't believe it. This last month has presented so much personality and changes for our girl, I'm just in utter disbelief. I don't think there's  a day that goes by that I don't take a video or a photo of Ava. Sometimes I don't share them, just because we've used a lot for her scrapbook, and baby book. I can't believe it guys, the next time I'll be posting an age update, I'll have an 11 month old. That is so crazy to me! On a happy note, Happy 10 months my beautiful Love bug! Daddy and I are tremendously blessed to have such a perfect gem!

P.S. Happy Saint Patty's day! The Howland's won't be being pinched today!

♥- Leilani

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