Friday, March 7, 2014
Wow, I can't believe it. Today yours truly turned twenty-three years old. I don't feel any different (didn't expect to), but I was a little bummed today. This was the second year in a row that Justin and I weren't together for my "special" day. It's not so much the "holiday" that matters to me, it's just his presence. I did however get a knock on the door bright and early... on the other side were beautiful birthday flowers.
The arrangement was beautiful, but the card inside was even more beautiful. Even when Justin's off for training, he knows just what to say in order for me to have a perfect day. Even when I woke up this morning, I had sunshine in my face, and (aside from my mama) the first happy birthday I got was from my husband. I appreciate the little things like that. I'm shocked he even had time to contact me at all today. Things are starting to get busy where he is, so his time to chat is scarce. I spent almost all day with my family, and then spent the evening shopping for me and Ava bug. I'd never been to Crazy 8 before (kid store), but I was pleasantly surprised. I found some really cute warm weather outfits for Ava (wishful thinking), and I picked up a really cute sun hat for Miss Ava from gymboree. I even managed to grab some maxi skirts as well. I'm totally in love with the long maxi skirts, and cardigans. I dress like such a mom! We went to the Olive Garden for dinner, where I got my favorite type of cake. I thought I'd end up with red velvet this year, but no, the lemon cream cake came in for the win.
The waitress we had was so amazing. Not only did she give us great service, she also made sure I had a candle to blow out, and wrote me a little birthday card as well. She went above and beyond, it really made for a great evening. Ava got a ton of compliments (like usual) while we were out to dinner tonight. One lady that was in the middle of eating her meal, stopped and looked over at us, then she proceeds to say, "Your little girl is beautiful. You're going to have to watch out for her, she's going to be a heart breaker." I told her, we already knew! It really was a perfect day. Now that my birthday is behind me, I've got to prep for Ava's first St. Patrick day pictures this next week. My little girl won't be getting any pinches, unless of course they are on her cheeks, because truth be told, she has the cutest most pinch-able cheeks ever. I'm in the middle of making her a very green tutu for the occasion. After St. Patty's day we've got Easter, and then Grandpa Michael (my dad's) birthday. I really can't believe next week we will be in the middle of March. This year is definitely going by so much quicker than I'd like. Ava will be ten months old in just ten days. I have no idea how the heck ten months have gone by so quickly. I'm already on the hunt for birthday decorations, and her birthday outfit.

I know I've talked a lot about this before, but I just can't help myself. My first born and (only child at the moment), only turns one year old, one time. My timeline is a bit jumbled, but I'm also very excited for one of my friends from Georgia to come up and visit. She will be here in May to explore the Seattle area and take pictures of our little family, for Ava's first birthday. I'm really excited to see her since it's been three months since we left Georgia. So these next couple months are actually going to be really busy for us Howlands. I'm almost positive that I have finally decided on which family car I am ready to get. Our Mazda is great, but it really isn't going to work when we start adding more babies to our family. I absolutely hate spending money on car notes, so let's home this is the last time for a longgg while that I have to go car shopping. Alright guys, I'm off. Looks like mama bear gets to have a phone conversation with her woobie. Thanks for all the birthday wishes I received today. The love and warmth I receive from friends and family really does make my world go round. Happy Friday all! Have a great weekend.  ♥- Leilani


  1. When I saw 23 my first reaction was 'wow, I didn't know she was that much older than me." I thought for a second and then realized I'm 22 going on 23 as well. Last year I kept thinking I was 18 and I still don't even feel 20 yet. I don't know if I even feel 19 yet. Wow lol..

  2. P.s. That cake looks so good. I hope it was. Happy Birthday again! :)