Women are annoying

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Well, it's rant time. There is a "no make up selfie" trend going around facebook, and women are going crazy about it. I originally got tagged in a photo that stated I had twenty-four hours to post a "no make up selfie" of myself. My initial reaction was, I'm going to pass. I then started reading some of the hash tags associated with these photos, and I noticed it had a correlation to breast cancer. Obviously taking a picture of a woman with no make up has nothing to do with cancer, but it was for a good cause. I took the photo, and then I was told I had to add a hash tag with it. I don't do hash tags on facebook, so I just removed the photo altogether. I didn't complain about it, it was simple. I also didn't waste my time talking about the women who did participate. Seeing a picture of a natural woman isn't going to be a downer on my day. And although I didn't participate, breast cancer is something that is very personal for my family and I. I lost my Nana a few years ago, and she lost both of her breasts due to this awful cancer. I'm passionate about breast cancer awareness, and my husband and I donate every year.

If you read this article: behind the no make up selfie, you'll see why this has become such an epidemic. They have raised over eight million dollars due to this trending facebook motion. That's more than enough for over 10 clinical trials to be administered. I seriously think that's amazing. The point of this post was to just remind ladies that if they don't like something, don't contribute. Don't complain, just go about your day, and stay clear of the no make up selfie. This isn't a stupid cause, and who cares if you don't feel like your bare natural face isn't helping cancer? Awareness is being raised, and so is money for this awful disease.

In my perfect world, we'd all rejoice and hold hands about giving back to the people who suffer from such a (at times) terminal disease. This isn't about us ladies, this is about helping those who are sick. Don't cringe when you see a "no make up selfie" just smile. People are starting a chain reaction, and we should be embracing the idea, not bashing.

Happy Thursday all! Go hug someone and smile!

♥- Leilani

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