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Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Yesterday morning was the first time we gave Ava actual table foods for an entire meal. In the spirit of continuing to embrace her new found toddlerhood, I leaped for joy for another milestone reached. I won't lie, I'm a little sad that my baby girl is leaving behind the purees. Although they never looked yummy, making baby food was so much fun, especially since Justin and I were able to ensure she received organic foods all the time. I know we'll be able to keep up that same momentum with table foods, it's just a new chapter for us in nurturing our bug.

This all started about a couple days ago. Ava has been turning her head at baby purees. Whenever we'd try to feed her, she's just turn the other way. At first I thought she might be teething (she's a picky eater when she's teething), then I thought she might still have a small trace of the stomach bug (she doesn't), we finally just came to the conclusion that we needed to try something else. While at Sam's Club this weekend, I found a really awesome line of organic string cheese. I tore the cheese into pieces and gave it to Ava. She went crazy over it! Totally chowed down on string cheese. We tried to give her a few different types of cut up fruit, and some yogurt.... wouldn't you know that she chowed down on that as well.

Finally, we found the solution. Ava bug is ready to feed herself. This morning I was able to use the food tray from innobaby to ensure that I was hitting the right food groups, and so far everything seems to be going well. I found a ton of women on instagram that blog their toddler meals. I'm hoping to utilize them as my inspiration for the meals I want to prepare for Ava. We are definitely sticking to organics, whole foods, and clean eating. I know this transition will also keep Justin and I to clean eating as well. It's really important to me that we implement good foods and good eating habits for our children at a young age. I'm really hoping to expand my blog with sharing the foods that we eat. If any of my readers are interested in recipes, or meal planning, or just photos and descriptions of what I post, shoot me an email.

I really love this blog because it doesn't have one set topic. I mainly write about parenthood, but I love that the subject can be so vast and I have a lot of new territory to explore. As promised here is a little preview of how Ava's cake smash photos went. I know this is extremely late, but I wanted to sort through and keep some of our favorites more private. We had a blast with our photographer, and I cannot wait for future sessions. If you look to the right of my blog, there is a nursing photo that Chloe' Ramirez captured. It is one of my absolute favorites, and the LLL group I attend has been raving about it!

Well, it looks like I'm off! Washington is actually giving us some good weather, so we are taking an impromptu trip to the park.

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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