Potty Training

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Since Ava bug is thirteen months old I decided to be proactive and actively look for a potty seat, or a potty chair. I'm not expecting my child to take to this new foreign object right off the bat; I don't even expect her to use it right off the bat. I'd just like to bring it into our home, and allow her curious mind to look, touch, and get used to seeing it. There is so much information out there about how to potty train your child and I plan on looking at NONE of it. No one knows how my child works better than I do. Justin and I talked about this months ago, and I think we both agreed on just "feeling it out" and letting Ava show us when she's ready.

That's the one thing we really want to avoid; pushing her before she's ready. I'm sure it's more convenient to have a child that can use the restroom on their own, but research shows that children that are pushed to potty train before they are ready end up having a lot more "wetting" accidents later on. Because using the bathroom without Ava accompanying me is pretty much impossible right now, she's picked up on a lot of "potty etiquette" already. She knows how to flush the toilet, and believe it or not, she can take the toilet paper off the roll and hand it to you. I'd say that's a pretty good place to start.

All in all I've got my mind working on how we plan to go about this. I'm excited that we are even thinking about this huge milestone for Ava. If we end up conceiving this summer, hopefully this time next year, I'll have two Howland babies in cloth diapers. I'm actually really excited about this because the new baby will be in newborn cloth, and hopefully Ava will be on her way to using big girl panties. It's insane to think about all the changes that can occur in just a year. Are any of my readers introducing the potty yet? If so, how are you going about it? I'd love to hear from you in either the comments below or email!

I thought this picture was just too cute not to include.

Happy Wednesday all!

♥- Leilani

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