My sweet 15 month old

Sunday, August 17, 2014
Where do I even start? Ava bug has grown so quickly in this past month. Her toddler demeanor has emerged and advanced, and there is no looking back. She dances all. the. time. She swirls in circles, sways side to side, and dances on her little piggy toes. Whenever she hears music, it's like she's being taken away by the melody. It's the sweetest thing to watch, and we are definitely enrolling her in dance classes as soon as we can. We've noticed that Ava's ability to understand us has grown tremendously. You can ask her just about anything and she'll respond correctly. Her vocabulary is starting to expand as well. I swear we've heard her say the words dog, daddy, and dumb. Can you tell she's fond of her words that start with d?

Ava is currently cutting teeth seven and eight, and five and six just came through a week prior. She still eats like a little bird, but she has gained almost two pounds since her first birthday. Justin and I admire our daughter's love of healthy foods. She eats all kind of fruits, and a small selection of vegetables. We still stick with organic, clean eating with her, and Ava doesn't seem to mind. Her favorite snack as of late is whole wheat pita bread, and cottage cheese and fruit. I'm happy to report that we haven't seen a toddler tantrum in over two weeks now (really happy about this), and I think it's in large part to the new parenting styles we have taken on. Another huge milestone for Miss Ava is her ability to use "big girl" utensils all the time. It's pretty much a no brainer to include them at mealtimes at this point.

The potty has also been a continued success. I really believe Justin will be the one to potty train Ava bug. Whenever you sit her down, she uses the potty. You don't have to do anything special, or pump her full of fluids prior, she just goes! Bug hasn't done any dirty jobs in the potty just yet, but I am overly pleased with where she's at right now! As always here is a list of items we now use with Ava bug.
The Vanguard Baby Trend jogging stroller is a big hit for us! Justin runs twice a day, and this stroller has allowed for him to spend even more time with his little girl. Ava seems really comfy in the stroller, and the cycle wheels allow for a smooth run for both of my babies! We purchased this literally a few days ago, but hopefully it continues to be something that is used often.

These utensils work so great for Ava! Beaba ergonomic cutlery are bpa and phthalate free. We can take this on the go with the handy travel case, and I believe these utensils helped in large part to Ava's familiarity with using utensils during mealtime.

This is the Princess Potty we use with Ava bug, and I absolutely love it. I may have mentioned this in previous posts, but this training potty is wonderful. You can use it in three different ways, and it sings when it's used. I love the fact that Ava can transfer the seat onto the adult toilet, and I also love that it doubles as a step stool for toddlers.

This Radius toothbrush is another new item we will soon be using with Bug. With all of her new teeth coming in, I want to make it a point to start brushing regularly. The label does say eighteen months and older, but we got the okay from Ava's future dentist. Yes, our little girl's first dentist appointment is coming up very soon.

As you can see, August has allowed for lots of changes with our sweet girl. Her independence level continues to shock me as she learns more and more of what she's capable of. She's a very precocious toddler and we are learning that Ava has somewhat of a tender heart. She is an animal lover for sure (She got that from daddy), and she always has a smile on her pretty face. I'm really excited to see what new things lie ahead in the next month.

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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