Why Aunt Flo?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Well, if the title of this blog post wasn't obvious enough.. I am not pregnant. I'm definitely bummed out, but I'm not upset about the outcome. It looks like we'll be starting fertility treatments here soon, and I'm hopeful about this method (as it has been successful for us in the past). I feel as if I'm starting to put too much pressure on trying to conceive. It's not a time oriented event.. in fact, whenever it occurs, we'll be over the moon about baby # 2. I don't know why all of these urgent feelings have emerged, but I plan on shutting them down. The most important goal throughout our journey is to enjoy every moment, and to relax. Especially our time with Ava. She's changing even more rapidly as of late (look out for her fifteen month post), and we literally savor the seconds with our sweet girl.

Speaking of relaxing, Justin's two weeks of block leave have been spent with extended family! We've had a blast having bbq's, explorations days, and lots of cuddles for Ava bug. It really is the most heart melting notion to see so many people shed love for our daughter. We are blessed beyond measure to have such a great, big family! I was able to grab a few family recipes from my grandmother during all of this, and I got our "four generation" family photos as a bonus! Justin's mom flew in on Sunday afternoon, and I know he's excited to show her what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Ava has taken to new faces (surprisingly) well. It's really a toss up with how she'll respond to new people, but I'm glad she warmed up to her family fairly quick.

Also, for all my blog readers that may have "infertility" issues... I wanted to shed some light on that word. I know the first time a doctor told Justin and I that we may have fertility issues, I kind of had this awful feeling come over me. Hearing someone tell you that having children may not be an option is a really gut wrenching feeling, and it hurts. Although some journey's are scary, and others long, I just wanted to tell all of you, not to give up hope! Having done this myself, I know I have an appreciation for my daughter that I would not have, if not for the route it took to conceive her. When you fight for something you want so badly (like a child), you are so much more grateful, and appreciative then you ever thought possible.

Here's a few photos of our recent trip to Mount Rainier National Park. When I saw the rainbow, I had tears in my eyes. It reminded me not to get discouraged, to enjoy my family, and it served as a reminder that beautiful things are all around us.

Happy Tuesday all!

♥- Leilani

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