16 month old

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Remember when I said the time had slowed down with Bug? Yeah, that was a complete and total lie. I don't know where August went, or how September showed up so quickly. Every single day Ava does something to exert her independence, and every single day I can't help but take a moment to take in all that my toddler has to show us. She's gabbing so much more. Like literally trying to have full blown conversations with us. When she's upset, she goes on and on, and you can tell that she's getting frustrated because we don't entirely understand her.

She runs everywhere. Walking anywhere is seldom. She's always in such a rush, and it's the cutest thing to watch. We started using flashcards with Ava this past month. ABC flashcards, number flashcards, first word flashcards, etc. There really isn't a day where I don't take the opportunity to incorporate some type of fun learning game. She's catching on really quick, and she loves pointing at a new animal or word when you say it. Her appetite continues to surprise me. She will try just about anything, and this makes me shout the hallelujah chorus! I don't think she'll be a picky eater in her adult life (fingers crossed). Bug still uses the potty really well, and I have high hopes that she'll be set before 24 months.

Over the past month Princess A has taken "daddy's girl" to a whole new level. Justin took two weeks off from work in August, and each and every day of his vacation was spent with Ava bug. They did everything together. So much in fact, that my child will allow daddy to soothe her (no matter the situation) when she's upset. That didn't happen on a regular basis, until now. Justin also spent the last week at home due to his eye surgery, and that definitely just made the whole "daddy's girl" situation that much more hyped. My favorite thing to do is watch them dance together. Ava rests her toes on her daddy's feet, and they will dance to just about any song. When they are done, Ava wraps her sweet little arms around his neck and gives him a huge kiss. Talk about waterworks, right? Those two are just too stinkin' cute together.

I'm not to sure that we have introduced any new items with Ava (aside from her converse sneakers, baby gymnastics, and baby dance classes)... but I have had several questions asked via email that I plan on answering.

Q: Does Ava bug hit you or bite you? if she does what do you do to make her stop?

A: Ava has never hit us before, but she did have a few incidents with biting while nursing. I know those are completely different types of biting, but I still wouldn't resort to physically discipling her. I would explain to her that it hurts mommy when she does it, and I would stop her immediately each time she bit me.

Q: Have you stopped nursing yet?

A: I have not completely weaned Ava bug. The only rush we had stemmed from trying to conceive a baby earlier. Now that baby # 2 is (temporarily) on the back burner, the rush for weaning isn't here anymore.

Q: What is your favorite baby carrier?

A: Honestly, this is a tough one. My favorite is my Sakura Bloom ring sling. Ring slings are just so much easier for us. If you were to ask my husband this question, he would say the Ergobaby.

Q: Do you ever let Ava watch television?

A: The only time Ava really catches a glimpse of t.v. is *sometimes* during her mealtime. Because we don't eat as a family for 2 out of 3 meals a day, a little Sofia the First can be helpful. That being said, I will not and have not allowed my child to sit in front of the television for long periods of time.

I'm still having a hard time processing that my child is almost a year and a half. She continues to be such a sweet and loving soul. Oh! I completely neglected to mention that we have introduced crayons and coloring pads as of late... I can't really verify how much of Ava's art ends up on the paper, but she seems to enjoy herself.

Here's a little throwback from our last family session in July. I love my kid and our relationship so very much.

Photo Cred: JOP

Happy Wednesday all!

♥- Leilani

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