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Friday, October 3, 2014
Feeding Ava healthy and yummy foods has become a real passion of mine. From the time she started eating solid foods to now, I have tried to implement as many colorful, nutritious, and often times organic meals as possible. I have received a few requests from parents on the eating agenda we have with our sweet girl, so I thought I'd share a week's worth of Ava's meals with all of you. Before I go into that, I want to go over the utensils and plates that we use during meal times. What we have found that works best for Ava is the stainless steel Innobaby Din Din Tray. This tray reminds us to incorporate each food group, which ensures Ava is getting an even amount of nutrition. We use Beaba ergonomics during meal times and Ava loves them! She learned how to use a spoon and fork with this set, and since then we've had nothing but success. I highly recommend both products to parents that are stumped on what products to try. Now let's get to the meals!


B turkey sausage links, cut up strawberries, and a well cooked egg

S string cheese, and half of a pear

L grilled cheese sandwich, veggie medley (green beans, zucchini, cauliflower), and half of a peach

S grapes (cut in halves)

D baked chicken, penne noodles w/organic spaghetti sauce on the side, blueberries, and a dinner roll


B organic raspberry mini pancakes

S  colby jack cheese, half a kiwi

L ezekiel bread with almond butter, cooked ham, and organic whole milk yogurt

S strawberry banana smoothie

D yakisoba noodles with assorted veggies and chicken, sautéed mushrooms, and steamed cabbage


B sliced apples, scrambled eggs, and ezekiel bread with honey

S artichoke dip with sugar snaps

L chicken nuggets, mangos, and carrots

S handful of Annie's chex mix (gluten free)

D bbq ribs, peas, blueberries, and sliced mozzarella cheese


B swedish pancakes, bananas, and turkey sausage

S  tropical fruit w/ yogurt blend

L veggie quesadilla  

S (no snack)

D lasagna, dinner roll, and chunks of pineapple


B cheese omelet, toast, and fruit

S strawberries and whole milk yogurt

L pita pizza, chopped mandarins, and colby jack cheese

S applesauce

D quinoa rice, pork-chops, and broccoli


B chocolate chip pancakes (a daddy favorite), sliced oranges, ezekiel toast

S mixed berry smoothie

L organic turkey sandwich with alfalfa sprouts

S Annie's cheddar fish (gluten free)

D whole wheat tortillas, Mexican blend cheese, chopped veggies, ground turkey, and chopped veggies


B strawberry oatmeal, french toast, and one over easy egg (this can get messy)

S organic pears

L broccoli cheese soup, baguette bread, and assorted fruit w/ yogurt blend

S (no snack)

D salmon in a brown sugar marinade, asparagus, and one baked potato

So there you have it! One week's worth of Ava's meals. I try to put at least one meal on instagram weekly (follow me @SimplyHowland), so be on the look out for those. One thing that really helped with food inspiration is a book that Bug's Grandma Cherie sent (you are a life saver Cherie). It's The Baby and Toddler Cookbook. I have cooked a new meal at least once a week from this cookbook since we got it. It's a great way to add variety, and to allow your child to try new foods. Hopefully this helped some of those moms and dad's that have requested this blog post from me. If you need more inspiration or you have questions, please feel free to comment below or by email

Happy Friday all!

♥- Leilani

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