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Sunday, December 21, 2014
With the end of the year approaching, you may notice that I am going to try and blog on a daily basis. After a five hour play date, a handful of homework, and a load of laundry, here I am! This Sunday didn't go exactly as we planned, and I thought I'd share that with you guys. If you read my blog from last night, you may have noticed that Ava bug wasn't feeling tip top. I am happy to report that it's been over 24 hours since she last upchucked and she actually ate normal foods today, which made me extremely happy. She's back to drinking milk and it didn't seem to bother her at all. I'm honestly thinking that her toddler molars are coming in, and that is the real culprit behind the puking. We had intended on leaving for Leavenworth this morning until we noticed that the weather over there was going to be completely horrid. Rain, thunderstorms, and a sort of sick baby? Yeah, that's definitely NOT a good mix. I'm definitely bummed that I didn't get to see the Christmas lighting and I know that Justin is too.

Hopefully we are here next year and we are able to head down there as a family. We still plan on going to zoo lights, downtown Seattle, and seeing Santa tomorrow. I've honestly been enjoying this time with Justin, and really trying to do whatever I need to in order to keep my heart content. Down time is always needed, so I'm glad that we are unexpectedly getting some. The other major thing that happened was Ava's convertible carseat... I JUST blogged about extended rear facing, safety, etc.. Yeah, my husband turned his daughter's car seat around last night. He is so over fighting her in the car when it comes to a short trip. He doesn't like not seeing her, and he doesn't like not being able to soothe her. After a 20 minute debate, I finally caved and allowed us to enter the vehicle with Ava FRONT FACING. Truthfully, Ava has hit the required weight and height for front facing, which puts my worries at ease. She is less than half a year away from our first little goal of 24 months, so I'm trying not to be too sour about it.

I may switch her seat around for my own sake, but I know when she's with daddy that she'll be front facing. The AAP originally had their guidelines for front facing with one year olds, and then due to the reports, stats, and accidents, they switched it to minimum of 24 months. Just as my little saving grace I will say that it's important to know how to strap our kiddos in more than anything. In any position it is possible for your child to be in their seat incorrectly. I feel a little like a hypocrite for preaching car seat safety, but I always keep it real with you guys!

On a happier note, Ava bug had a very lengthy play date today. I was so impressed with how well she did! This isn't her first long play date, but for a sweet girl that didn't feel good, I was impressed. She hung out with her pal Zoe, and as always, they had such a great time. I totally spaced on bringing my camera, but there were about a dozen heart warming moments that occurred. The hugs, the toddler dancing, the toddler playing... I really am so thankful that my child has such a great friend. I got in some mama time as well! This is always a bonus to Ava having playdates. I really do grow to cherish my friendship with Miss Tausha more each day. To top ALL of that, Daddy got some dude time in as well. Zoe's daddy and Justin were in the same company just weeks ago, and they are good friends! Three friendships with our two families has been glorious! My next step is to introduce our dogs... we'll see how long it'll take to do that though!

How many of my readers have switched their toddlers to rear facing before their child turned 24 months? Does your child already have a "best friend" during their toddler age? Share your experiences, thoughts, or comments with me down below or by email!

Happy Sunday all!

♥- Leilani

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