The waiting game

Thursday, March 5, 2015
I am exactly 9 days away from finding out if our assisted fertility cycle worked, and needless to say I am so impatient about it all. I've been cramping on and off the last few days and I definitely felt myself ovulate, which is a good sign. I'm a little nervous because I was sick during our baby dancing days and I wasn't staying as hydrated as I should have... I'm hoping I didn't ruin our chances though. Either way, I'll be finding out pretty soon here. I've got to admit this experience wasn't nearly as nerve wrecking as our first. Everything went so smoothly and I still can't begin to explain how amazing it felt to have our clinic within minutes of our home. In other news, Justin went to the board yesterday to ultimately obtain his recommended status for promotion AND he got it! I can't even sit still while writing this because i am just that excited for him. For future promotions, he will never have to go to a board again and I'm sure that's a nice little bonus for him. I'm so darn proud of my husband you guys. Good leaders are a dime a dozen, so I'm glad his skills and attributions are recognized within this battalion.

With his recommendation comes schools, which I absolutely dread. You'll have to forgive me if I become a little sappy on here. I don't do all that well without my best friend by my side, so Ava bug and I have some sad days ahead of us. The upside to this situation is spending more time with family and friends. The weather has been super nice and we will definitely be taking full advantage of that while we can. Here lately we've been talking about Justin's reenlistment window and where he'd like to go. His window opens in May, which is just two months away! At first, we discussed Fort Carson A LOT, but now he's leaning more towards Fort Benning.. back in Georgia. I cringe at the thought of moving back to Georgia, but I know it would be in the best interest of his career. He'd more than likely be in a non-deployable unit, and all the schools he'd ever need would be right there at that installation... yes, so he wouldn't have to leave us for weeks at a time to attend a school. We will also be a little more than 14 hours away from his family in New York. I could definitely see us driving to New York during block leave each year, and Ava bug and I taking spontaneous trips throughout the year.

All of those things definitely outweigh anything we could enjoy at Carson.. except for the Broncos. I truly believe being close to "our blue and orange people" would be an amazing experience for our family. We do have quite a few friends at Benning, so we wouldn't be completely anti-social, which is nice. And I wouldn't complain about the cost of living or how HUGE our house would be out there. I'd miss my family terribly though, and I'd feel extremely bad about moving Ava bug away from her grandparents. We've definitely still got a lot to discuss. This change could take place next year.. or maybe the year after. You never know with these types of things. I'm just glad that Justin and I talk about them. We remain on the same page which makes communication so much easier. Well, I think I'm off guys. A little TLC is in order so I think I'm going to take Ava bug and myself out for a pedicure.

Happy Thursday all!

♥- Leilani

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