Booster Seat

Monday, June 15, 2015
Morning (all day) sickness has officially taken over my life (again). Most days, it's a miracle if I can fold a load of laundry and entertain my toddler without hurling. This pregnancy has truly taken me for a whirlwind of symptom surprises, and my family is still adjusting to this mama not being full of energy and help at all times. That being said, I have let my blogging hit a total rut and I don't like it. There is still so much going on with my family and I'm trying my best to keep all of my readers and family members updated. One of the many changes that have occurred (more specifically with Ava), is having a two year old. The past few weeks have showed tremendous change and growth with our Ava bug. We decided that Ava was ready to fully ditch the high chair, and move on to booster seats. When we go out to eat, she only eats in booster seats. For the most part, when we are home, she eats her meals at her little table. The little table solution would be great, if we didn't mind our toddler eating her meals alone.

Dining is a family "thing" for us, so the full solution was to purchase a booster seat for our home. I'm a little sad to see the high chair go, but I know this is a better choice for Ava. slowly but surely this last year has diminished all of the baby qualities that I once loved so much. This part of her growth makes me even more excited for my pregnancy with baby # 2. I know that I'll be able to experience the baby stuff all over again. If I'm being honest, I miss those days. I miss smelling sweet newborn skin, and breastfed baby breath. I miss Ava's sweet little hands and how she loved to nuzzle into my chest. All of those things went by far too quickly, so to say that I'm excited about experiencing this with another child of mine is a complete understatement!

Aside from the booster seat, Ava has decided she likes to have her hair done everyday. Her hair has gotten so long this past year, and I absolutely love it. She loves bows, pretty clips, and frozen themed ponytails. She loves getting her toes painted, and dancing around in her dance tutu all day long. Her personality is becoming very strong, and it's becoming very clear who my little girl is right now. Her understanding of the world around her has become so vast, that sometimes it leaves me speechless. We really don't give little people enough credit. They take in so much of this world and if you slow down long enough, you are able to catch a glimpse of it. It's the best thing in the world.

Tomorrow marks 9 weeks of pregnancy with our miracle bean, and the day after, I have another ultrasound. I'm so incredibly excited to experience all of this with Justin alongside me. He did miss my OB registration appointment, and I had like an emotional meltdown. Aside from that, he's been present for everything, and extremely supportive to top it off. We have opted to bring Ava along for my obgyn appointments, so she feels included every step of the way. I'm really looking forward to the next two weeks of vacation time for my family. It is much needed, and we can't wait to be near the ocean!

That's all for now, I'm going to attempt to each lunch and pray that it actually stays down.

Happy Monday all!

♥- Leilani

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