18 weeks

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
This week has proven to be a little more challenging than the last couple. I have noticed that I am getting extremely tired in the afternoons, and extremely tired right after we put Ava down for bed. I'll sleep for about an hour or two and wake up completely restless. I hate staying up late because it throws off my schedule, but I've been rolling with it. My weight loss has come to a halt for now, but I am still down 26 pounds since I got pregnant. My belly is definitely a lot rounder and you are able to see a beautiful, budding, baby bump! As promised, here are my 18 week pregnancy highlights:

How far Along18 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Bean

Size of babyAbout the size of a bell pepper

Gender Prediction: It's a girl! We found out just before 16 weeks

Symptoms: fatigue, ligament pains, extremely tender and enlarged breasts

Best moment this week: Seeing my baby bump emerge massively overnight

Movement: I can feel quickening mainly in the evenings now

Food Cravings: Olives, salt and vinegar chips, pretty much anything of the salty variety

Food Aversions: Pasta, chicken, and anything with red or white sauce

What I Miss: Being able to sleep on my right side and stomach

Sleep: I have a lot more restless nights, even with my snoogle

Justin: He continues to be fantastic and super helpful. He talks to baby frequently throughout the day, and his excitement level remains really high for this growing girl of ours. We have our anatomy scan in less than two weeks at this point, and he made sure to get that time off of work so he can be present for the entire ultrasound appointment. 

Ava: I am super confident that Bug is going to be an awesome big sister. She helps me fold baby girl's newborn clothes, she says hello to baby every single day, and just recently she started telling her baby sister that she loves her.

What I am looking forward to this weekBeing one week closer to the halfway mark in this pregnancy! I am so looking forward to our anatomy scan and another clean bill of growth and health for our Bean.

Happy or moody most of the time: I am still very happy almost all the time. Justin's commander actually referred to me as bubbly and "happy all the time" which has to count for something considering he just met me last week. I am super emotional about little things. I've noticed that the smallest comments can trigger tears, which is definitely not fun, but hormones don't tend to be. 

That pretty much sums up the past week. Hopefully I'll have some new photos to share of our baby bean from our 20 week ultrasound. I also plan on blogging out some DIY projects we have decided to tackle for the baby's nursery. 

Happy Tuesday all! 

♥- Leilani

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