Baby Bean

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Even though I've felt this before, it still feels surreal to wake up and feel another baby in my womb. Bean's movement is so much more distinct then the movement I had with Ava bug, and I'm sure that's because my body's done this before... and I'm more in tune with what movement actually feels like this early. As of yesterday, I am 17 weeks along in this pregnancy! I have less than three weeks until I go in for my anatomy scan, and I am so elated because Justin will be there to experience it with me. After coming home from his last "voluntold" field time, we knew we only had a couple weeks until he'd be leaving again for gunnery with his new unit. He was due to come back on the same day as my scan, but the odds of him coming home in time were slim. I thought about changing the date for my appointment, but ultimately we decided not to. Making sure baby is healthy is far more important to both of us.

Gunnery was cancelled as of yesterday evening, so fingers crossed it doesn't change through the weekend. Finding out that bit of good news last night was enough to put me in tears (it doesn't take much these days anyways). Knowing Justin will be here for quite some time put my worries at ease. He really is a major help for me, and the last (and first) time he left, it was a bit challenging doing everything two people would normally do, on top of dealing with pregnancy symptoms. I've grown to appreciate my husband even more these last four months, and I'm so grateful for all that he does. Even if it's just a load of dishes, laundry, bathing Ava, or allowing me to sleep in... all of those things are greatly appreciated. Not to mention all the sweet stuff he's been doing to bond with baby # 2 early on.

Each morning before he leaves, Ava, baby bean, and I all get kisses from daddy. Throughout the day Justin loves on my belly and talks to our growing girl. It's so heart warming for me, because this had to be done through the phone when I was pregnant with Ava. I can't wait for external kicks to happen! I know both Justin and Ava are going to be so giddy over feeling this baby move so much. There really aren't any words to express how I feel about being able to share this experience with my little family. Something I never truly got to do during my pregnancy with Ava, so I'm not taking a single moment for granted. We pulled out so much of Ava's newborn/3month/accessories over the last week. It's crazy how much stuff we have.. it's also crazy how like-new most of it all looks.

We are still going to wait to purchase the bigger items until after my anatomy scan. My goals is to have everything ready for baby girl #2 by Thanksgiving. Since we are still planning on going to New York for Christmas, I really want the house set up before we leave. When we get back home, I'll literally have 18 days until my due date! I'm so ancy when I think about how quickly Thanksgiving will be among us. The last three months of the year always seem to go by so quickly for us, so I know this pregnancy will go right along with that fast pace. On a last note, a lot of people have requested to see a "potty shot" from our ultrasound. I did include it on the new link I created for her at the top of my blog, but for all of those who asked:

Happy Tuesday all! 

♥- Leilani

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