22 weeks

Tuesday, September 15, 2015
Today is special for more reasons than one. The BIG reason? I have just 18 weeks left until baby #2's estimated grand arrival. She is kicking away these days and I can feel her getting stronger. I am absolutely in love with this phase. The size of my belly has changed ever so tremendously and the bump is no longer concealable. I can feel myself glowing with bliss when I look in the mirror each morning. I think those around me can notice it too. I have been getting comments here and there. The second reason today is special would be due to the fact that I started blogging on this very blog when I was 22 weeks pregnant with Ava bug. Being able to read my feelings during my pregnancy with Ava, and compare them to my feelings during my pregnancy with our sweet little bean has been nothing short of informative. I have grown so much with this blog and I am extremely grateful for those who continue to tune into my journey through life, and the experiences my family and I encounter. Without further delay, here is my 22 week pregnancy highlight:

How far Along22 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Bean

Size of babyAbout the size of a papaya

Gender: It's a girl! 

Symptoms: Pressure on my pelvic bone, heartburn, and lower back pains

Best moment this week: Justin made his first infamous late night pregnancy store run

Movement: I'm starting to feel her move more doing the day and almost always at night

Food Cravings: Flaming hot Cheetos, cheesy things, and rocky road ice cream

Food Aversions: Olives, pickles, and pretty much everything of the salty variety

What I Miss: Being less emotional. I literally bawl about EVERYTHING

Sleep: Power naps have been a must lately, but I sleep soundly at night 

Justin: This past weekend was definitely our most challenging yet. My sensitivity is at an all time high and my poor husband is getting the back lashing of that. We had a really intense talk about what can be done on his end to kind of cope with my complete chemistry changing so much, and I think a light bulb clicked for both of us. It seems that by the week, I become even more prone to heightened emotions and feelings, but Justin has shown me his understanding in learning how to support me in whatever way that I need, when I need it. 

Ava: My sweet girl has gone baby obsessed. Anytime we see a baby, she is swooning, hardcore. She totes around her big sister books everywhere, and she kisses my belly religiously.

What I am looking forward to this weekI am looking forward to detecting movement that can be felt on the outside! I can't wait to film Justin's reaction as well as Ava's.

Happy or moody most of the time: While I am still pretty happy, I find myself getting into different moods far more frequently then ever before. If I'm watching something heart felt on the television... the tears are instant. If I'm reading an article about children, sickness, or a combination of both, etc. I am instantly bawling... pretty hard. If I stub my toe on something, the angry face comes on with a blink of an eye. When a sales associate comes off completely rude, I have no problem being brash when I respond. Totally not proud of that last one, but I'm hoping the "feels" level out in the coming weeks. 

Here's a photo of my growing girl this week. I am definitely SO much bigger, so much faster with baby # 2. I've heard that you show a lot quicker with your second, but I definitely wasn't expecting it to happen over night. I am loving the changes my body is making, and I love that we are that much closer to meeting our little bean. We love you sweet baby! 

Happy Tuesday all! 

♥- Leilani

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