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Thursday, September 10, 2015
For the past 3 weeks or so I have been able to feel progressively strong and distinct baby kicks. They aren't painful at this point, but they are strong enough to make me stop in my tracks and smile. This is hands down one of my favorite moments in pregnancy. Each time baby moves I call for Justin to put his hands on my belly to see if he can feel her yet. So far, he hasn't been able to, and it completely shocks me because her kicks have gotten so much harder just in the last week. I really think by next week the whole family should be able to feel her kicking, and that just excites me SO much. I play a lot of music for Ava and Bean throughout the day, and I've noticed that Bean really starts getting active during extremely upbeat songs.. or Christmas music (surprise, surprise). It has become undeniably apparent that baby bean is growing, and with less than 19 weeks left in my pregnancy, I am getting so ancy about making sure all details are set for her arrival. October is going to be a pretty interesting month for us, as I'm going to be six months pregnant with a two year old and an absentee husband.

Granted, Justin won't be gone the entire month of October, but whenever he leaves everything becomes that much more challenging anyhow. I'd really like to spend the time he is away relaxing and taking things as easy as possible with Ava bug. My plan is to not do any arranging, moving, or major baby shopping while he is away. That means cramming all things baby in this month, or waiting until the month of November. I cringe when thinking about waiting just 8 weeks before my due date to get down to business, but I know it won't be the end of the world if we do. All the essentials are already here if I'm being honest, and I'm going to order baby's car seat in the next couple weeks. I think it's my type a personality that's getting the best of me.

While we do have tons and TONS of baby clothes for baby girl (thanks big sister Ava), they are nowhere near organized. A large chunk of newborn and three month clothing is stacked in Ava's former bassinet, along with a lot of other various items. The baby bath, nursing pillows, and diaper bag are also stacked in one of the bassinet stations. The baby swing, tummy time mats, and rocking seats are downstairs in a room sized closet waiting to be washed. We have Bean's full size pack and play in Justin's man cave right now, along with our entire cloth diaper stash. Speaking of, I totally tried to convince Justin that I needed to update our stash, and add more fluff to it... So I made an inventory chart he could actually see.. which actually backfired. We have more than enough cloth diapers to sustain the next 2-3 years of baby #2's diapering days, check it out:

Since we aren't doing a nursery in this house for baby #2, everything just feels so scattered. We have an impending move coming up next April/May, and since our babies sleep in the bassinet and/ or co-sleep for at least seven/eight months or so, there really is no point in creating a beautiful nursery that Baby girl won't really be using. With Ava, she had a designated nursery (although we never really used it) where all of her things were assembled and stayed for the most part. I also didn't have SO many places to store things. Having a home with stairs is kind of a game changer. Deciding what will be our  station downstairs as opposed to upstairs, gives us a lot more room and freedom to adjust as we need. I know things will get figured out soon, our timeline is just making me so nervous about it all! 

That's pretty much what's been on my mind here lately! I'm posting another pregnancy highlight at 22 weeks, and I have a baby appointment for baby girl when I'm 24 weeks. For all those who have had baby # 2 or are expecting baby # 2, did you see a significant decrease in the amount you had to spend for purchasing all that is needed for your second? What kinds of things did you already have? Or what are some of the things you had to replace?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below (anyone, even without a google account can comment now) or by email! 

Happy Thursday all! 

♥- Leilani

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