30 Weeks

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
These past two weeks have proven to be the most trying weeks of this pregnancy. Aside from what occurred at my 28 week OB appointment, I went on to experience my first trip into labor and delivery at the hospital. I fell down my stairs while trying to carry my almost 30 lb toddler, and all I can say is ouch. I fell on my back, so the fall wasn't extremely concerning, but enough to keep me hooked up to monitors for over four hours. Olivia was perfect, active, and they checked to make sure I wasn't leaking any fluids (amniotic fluids, etc). I had a physical exam done, blood drawn, all while having Justin and Ava looking at me with such concern. I then went on to discover I indeed have my first pregnancy hemorrhoid. I know, I know, *tmi* but it's new for me. I got one postpartum with Ava bug, but never during pregnancy. If that didn't make matters worse, I also went on to discover that I had something called a bartholin cyst. I had never heard of this gland in my life, but if you care to read up on it, I did link it. The anatomy of the woman body can indeed take a beating, all at once it seems. The icing on the cake to these trying couple of weeks? I failed my one hour glucose test! Well, I'm not sure if I truly failed. They want me to repeat the hour test because the lab had half a waiting room filled with women doing their glucose tests, and they think there was a hiccup in lab work. While that's not terrible news, I'm not looking forward to drinking that orange solution again. Aside from those things, everything else has been great! Everything with baby has been perfect, it's just mama that needs some adjustments. Without even further ado, the 30 week pregnancy highlights! 

How far Along: 30 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Livy Bean, Olivia

Size of baby: roughly 3.5 pounds (a little bigger than a head of cabbage)

Gender: It's a girl! 

Symptoms: Feeling winded, braxton hicks, NESTING

Best moment this week: Justin experiencing non stop movement with our girl

Movement: ALL. THE. TIME.

Food Cravings: Orange juice, Justin's over easy eggs, egg nog

Food Aversions: anything red sauce based

What I Miss: Being able to be as active as I want throughout the day

Sleep: Honestly, with Justin home.. I've been sleeping extremely sound and comfortably! 

Justin: This husband of mine is a complete rockstar. He came home from his field training immediately ready to dive into our routine. Just recently we went over our birth plans and he completely WOW'D me. He is so attentive and understanding of what i'd like my birth to look like this time around. He also understands that all those plans could go out the window in the next 10 weeks, so giving me his support through whatever is vital. We are more in sync now then ever before in this pregnancy, and I'm so glad. He spends a good chunk of time talking with baby, kissing my belly, and feeling Olivia move. Life with this man is bliss. 

Ava: My sweet Ava bug. She recently started calling "Libby" sissy and it's the cutest thing ever. She is so concerned about my baby bump, and tries to keep me safe all the time. I admire her protective instincts that are emerging. She holds my belly more now than ever before (in her defense it's also extremely huge at this point). She is in baby mode hardcore though. So much that we actually bought her an umbrella stroller for her own baby doll. She feeds, changes, rocks, and holds her baby doll and it is seriously the sweetest thing.

What I am looking forward to this week: I am looking forward to getting this glucose test behind me (again), being just 10 weeks away from meeting my little girl, and planning maternity photos with my family in just a few weeks. 

Happy or moody most of the time: You'd think with all the physical woes I've had lately that I'd be unhappy or sad... truthfully, they just made me feel stronger. They made me appreciate the fact that I can still be experiencing pains, but my baby girl is still happy and content in this womb of mine. I can't be anything less than happy, knowing that I'm creating life again. Seriously. Just the thought of Olivia puts me in the best of spirits. 

♥- Leilani

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