35 Weeks

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
34 days are all that's left between me and my little girl having our first meet and greet! I've been reflecting a lot on these last few months and all that I've experienced during my pregnancy with Olivia. There have been a handful of pregnancy symptoms that occurred that were completely foreign to me. There have also been a couple handful of experiences that I expected from my first go round with Ava. The biggest difference and a major blessing was truly having Justin home for all of this with me. Even on the days that were harder than others, his main goal was to provide support, comfort, and ease for me. While his delivery at times may have needed work, the message has always been clear, and I truly am grateful for this partner I have. We made the decision not to explore home birthing any longer. I think with trying to make this decision while 8 months pregnant, not truly having the midwife we want (circumstantial), and being in full swing holidays..We opted to choose a birthing center instead. I think I mentioned we took a tour a couple week ago, and we did love it. I'm not disappointed with our final decision, but I am glad I was able to throw ideas out there when I was feeling unsure. The military base hospital is definitely a no-go for us, so it's nice that Justin and I both arrived at a decision we feel comfortable with. I had my 35 week OB appointment yesterday, so let's dig into the highlights! 

How far Along35 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Livy Bean, Olivia

Size of baby: 5lbs 3 oz (as of Monday's growth scan)

Gender: It's a girl! 

Symptoms: heartburn, achy body, and swollen feet.

Best moment this week: The best moment this week was seriously being able to watch my baby girl practice breathing during my ultrasound. I got to see those developed kidneys, her sweet face, and her growing brain.

Movement: I feel tons of rolls as of this point. Sometimes I feel odd movement that literally induces a bathroom trip too! I love it though. My belly is huge and seeing her roll is the coolest thing ever.

Food Cravings: I can't say that I've been craving much of anything lately.


What I Miss: I miss having my body feel tip top. I'm going to try and soak a bit more and indulge in all things massages and yoga.

Sleep: I get extremely good sleep, once I am out, I am out! Except, I started drooling (yuck).

Justin: As I mentioned up top, I'm feeling extremely grateful for this man. With just over a month until our 2nd baby girl is due to arrive, we've been talking a lot about our experience together during this pregnancy. He did mention to me that he feels like his best isn't always good enough, and that honestly got me so emotional. I unknowingly create these unobtainable standards for my husband, that no human alive is able to measure up to. I think the fact that's he's so great about everything is why I just always expect the best from him. Having him express his feelings reminded me that I need to appreciate everything he does, even when I feel like he can do more.. the truth is, if he could do more, he would. That's how he's always been. Definitely having some true heart to hearts lately.

Ava: As far as baby sister goes, everything is still as expected. Excitement, happy, etc. But, we are in full swing 2.5 year old mode.. that has been more exhausting than I'd like to admit. The tears, the strong-willed behavior, and the attitude.. they are all in full blown force.. Even something as simple as not allowing her to pass one of us a towel when we are done showering can escalate into World War III. I am doing the best I can to keep my patience and to breath.. she is a toddler, her emotions are strong, and Justin and I are during pretty great with addressing them accordingly. 

What I am looking forward to this week: I am looking forward to leaving this PNW rain behind, and enjoying the NE and all its wonders.

Happy or moody most of the time: I'm still really happy almost always. I have my moments with Ava bug, Justin, and even myself throughout the days, but I truly cannot complain. Olivia being so healthy, my family being in good health and good spirits... maintaining a decent GPA, business, and social life? I mean that's a win in my book for sure! 

A peek at the laboring tub from the birth center! Definitely excited to utilize this for sure.

♥- Leilani

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