36 Weeks

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
This update was written late (as I expected) due to the chaotic traveling to New York, getting settled with my in-laws, and prepping for Christmas all in the same 72 hours. To say I have been completely exhausted is a total understatement. For flying at 35 weeks pregnant, I could not have asked for a better experience. I didn't have any swelling, any discomforts, or any problems with my growing babe. Her movement has remained very constant, and she actually feels as if she's moved lower into my pelvis. I've been a lot more tired lately, but I'm sure that has almost everything to do with being just four weeks away from my due date and running around all over the place. I can't believe that we are just weeks away from meeting Olivia. Watching my in-laws love on my belly is such a rewarding experience. I have actually never been near them during a pregnancy, so this was definitely a fun experience for all of us.
How far Along36 weeks

Nicknames for baby: Livy Bean, Olivia

Size of baby: An estimated 6 pounds (as long as romaine lettuce) 

Gender: It's a girl! 

Symptoms: heartburn, achy body, and Braxton hicks

Best moment this week: Arriving in New York safely with all the crazy travel contingencies we had, which lead into having all my in-laws love on my baby bump! 

Movement: Livy's movement has been so crazy busy and consistent. The rolling feeling is still a pretty accurate description, and I can see my belly move throughout the day from her kicking. She's most active in the afternoon it seems, and when I lay down for bed. 

Food Cravings: I can't say that I've been craving much of anything lately.


What I Miss: Being able to move without feeling like I'm carrying a ton of bricks. My entire equilibrium is off and I don't like that feeling.

Sleep: I get extremely good sleep, once I am out, I am out! Except, I started drooling (yuck).

Justin: This week with Justin has definitely been a hard one. We both don't do well when we have to deal with the stresses of traveling.. especially with our baby in tow. We both totally freaked out on the Southwest reps, which resulted in us freaking out on one another, and Justin was completely sleep deprived... this just was not our week. We did have time to reflect and discuss how awful our commute was and how we could have done things differently, but I was still pretty emotional about the entire situation. I can feel Justin's frustrations as well, and sometimes I wonder if he's holding back just a bit because I'm pregnant. I feel bad when we get into situations like this, but alas, nothing is perfect. Since we've been in New York things have been better. We both have a lot going on, especially with being around family. 

Ava: If we didn't think Ava was ready for her baby sister to arrive before, things couldn't be more true as of now. Since being in New York, Ava has been able to spend some quality time with her only cousin, Baby A! She's about 15 months old and those two played together so well. Ava shared every single toy, gave infinite kisses/hugs, and got down on her cousin's level to play with her. She was so gentle, sweet, and my heart was literally gushing! 

What I am looking forward to this week: I am looking forward to taking more maternity photos with Justin, and I'm excited to be almost "full term" in this pregnancy. Olivia could come at 37 weeks and the chances of complications are extremely slim to none at this point. 

Happy or moody most of the time: I've been pretty happy this past week. I feel extremely grateful to be spending my holiday season with those we don't see very often, and I'm also feeling extremely grateful to be carrying this babe with minimal discomforts this far along. Overall, I just cannot wait to meet my sweet girl. Seems like we've been waiting forever, even though this pregnancy has gone by so quickly. 

Here is a photo of Justin and I with Olivia. 36 weeks pregnant here! 
♥- Leilani

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