3 Weeks Old

Thursday, February 11, 2016
This week completely flew by. Seriously. In a blink of an eye I have a one week old... and now, Olivia is three weeks old. I have been taking the time to soak in all the small details that make her, her. Her sweet little fingers and how they rest on my chest after a nursing session, the soft bottoms of her newborn feet, and her sweet smiles when she's in a deep sleep. I love her smell, and i take it in very often. I love her sweet cheeks and her nose. Her nose looks exactly like mine and I love it. We've been co-sleeping since the day Livy was born, but I am now able to get her to sleep in her bassinet beside our bed... as long as she's inclined. I've used the rocker from the pack and play so she's not laying flat on her back. She will sleep easily for 2-3 hours before waking. Sometimes it's nice if I'm looking to spend a little one on one time with Justin. 

She loves the sound of rain falling (which must be the pacific northwest gal in her), so I play those sounds on spotify every night. The "witching" hour reared it's ugly head and it's definitely something new in the parenting department for me. In the evening time right before we get Ava ready for her bath, Olivia will get fussy for no reason at all. She's been fed, she's been changed, she's being held.. and still, we will have 20 solid minutes of unexplainable tears. I initially thought she might just be a gassier babe, but that wasn't the case. In fact, she actually did a lot better her first week of life with digestive matters than Ava did and continues to show no signs of indigestion problems.

It hasn't been terrible crying, and each night the amount of time decreases, but none the less still something new. I did cave and buy a chicco stroller caddy this week. Being with the girls by myself, there is absolutely no way I can safely wear Olivia while chasing after Ava. Especially in this harsh rain we've been having. I have noticed (although I note this each week) how much stronger this baby girl gets by the day. She can hold her head up for a pretty significant amount of time and she continues to roll over on her tummy time mat. 

We tried the swing out once this week.. she is not a fan! I'm not disappointed though. I never did like the swing with Ava either. Olivia's eyes are still blue but I am so nervous they are going to change. She's still wearing newborn clothes even though she exceeds the weight. They aren't terribly tight or anything, but she could be in three months clothes if i wanted.. only she's about 2 inches too short for them. I think in the next 2-3 weeks newborn clothes won't be an option at all anymore. 

We have been in cloth the last couple weeks and I have been given a run for my money here as well. Olivia already soaks through some of the smaller diapers that we have, and she has basically outgrown the newborn prefolds we have. I did order disposable diapers for the week because I plan to strip every single cloth diaper we have to make sure it's not a washing issue that's effecting the absorbency issue. Nursing is still going extremely strong and my milk supply is based off of when Olivia wants to feed. I don't wake her at night, I don't pump, I just let my baby girl nurse whenever she wants to. This has always worked best for me and I'm hoping it proves to be successful for this baby girl as well. 

Three weeks old.
♥- Leilani

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