Big Sister Ava

Monday, February 8, 2016
I had every intention of writing this post months from now... simply because I thought that it would take a lot longer than 18 days for this family to adjust to life with two children. To my surprise, it's been so much smoother than both Justin and I anticipated. The hardest aspect of adding another child to our family was without a doubt, our sweet Ava bug. From the moment I went in for an induction and had to say goodbye to her.. up until a few days ago, things with her behavior shifted.. and not exactly for the better. My hospital stay was the first time in over 2.5 years that Ava has ever been away from me for that long and overnight. I'm getting emotional just writing this because to her, I'm sure it shook her security a bit. She has never gone to bed without getting kisses and love from her mama... and in the same flip of that coin, I was a nervous wreck wondering if she was okay without me. 

I remember my sister calling and hearing Ava wailing in the background the first night I was in the hospital. She kept saying, "Mama, Mama, Mama!" and my heart just broke. I had never heard Ava cry like that before, and I was seriously on the verge of asking Justin to go home to be with her. From that day forward, that cry would be the new Ava bug cry.. let me tell you, it truly was heartbreaking. Even after Olivia and I came home from the hospital, the temper tantrums, crying, and irrational behavior increased. Anytime we asked her to do something she didn't like.. full blown tantrum like you wouldn't believe, stomping up the stairs, and hitting her legs... it was just intense. 

I was a bit stressed because we have never had to deal with this kind of behavior from our kiddo. Each day that has passed since we brought Olivia home has been better and I'm optimistic that this trend will continue. Justin and I have had to divide our time with the girls in order to give Ava bug the one on one time she definitely needs from both of her parents...I honestly think this is helping a ton with her behavioral changes. When Olivia is sleeping, Justin will take her, so I can get my time in with Ava. During Olivia's first week of life we took Ava down to the big playground by our house so we could do something just for her... and she loved it. That's the key for our situation. Even though we have this beautiful newborn, we also have this beautiful toddler that needs us just the same. 

Here lately she's been helping me in the kitchen on the rare nights where I cook dinner, and I know Ava loves that too! Little things like that have started to make the biggest differences.
This weekend we all sat as a family watching one of Ava's favorite shows while she cuddled with us. Reminding her of how important she is, and how much we love her is something she desperately needs right now. The attention in our house has shifted (inevitably), but that doesn't mean one child is more important than the other. Valentine's day weekend we plan on making an outing out just for Ava bug... I can't wait to see her face light up! 

Even with the changes we are going through, one thing is definitely for sure.. Ava is in love with her baby sister. From the moment we brought her home from the hospital, everything has been about "her baby" sissy, sister, etc. She loves holding her little fingers and toes, she loves giving her kisses, and she loves helping us change her diaper. When Olivia is crying, Ava is never far and always tries to console her. When the baby is doing tummy time, Ava is right beside her cheering her baby sister on. Whenever I need the boppy, a blanket, or even my cell phone... my little trooper is right there to assist. 

Experiencing this with the girls has made all the bumps and kinks seem so minimal. 

♥- Leilani


  1. Wow! That picture of Ava Bug is like straight out of a magazine! She is so beautiful and such a sweet little angel! Okay, now to read the blog post.. lol!

  2. Oh man, we are experiencing that shift in behavior too. Elli has NEVER acted up like she has been lately. It's so strange to me because her sister isn't even here yet. Ava is still a sweet little girl and I love seeing all the lovey sister pics you post on fb. I think you guys are doing a terrific job in making sure Ava gets the attention she needs. I've been thinking about how I will handle that as well. I know Elli will need extra attention once our baby arrives. I don't want her to feel replaced or not as important. I hope you have fun on your Valentine's day outing.