First Bath

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Not even five weeks old yet and Miss Olivia got her very first bath. All the firsts are still so incredibly important to me, so naturally Justin had to be present too. After taking a nice slumber on daddy's chest, we headed for the tub. I purchased the blooming bath this time around and I'm so glad I did. I did like Ava's traditional baby tub and seat... but I really wanted to explore other options for our second baby. The bath is so soft and absorbent. It's got some awesome cushion to it as well. Olivia seems to be a fan so i'm super pleased with this purchase. I started gathering all the things needed for bath time.. hooded towel, baby washcloth, and baby lotion... all things I haven't done in quite some time. I got a little nostalgic but in the same moment extremely excited. Another milestone we've hit with our youngest daughter... it truly is the most simplistic events that make for the sweetest memories. 

I talked to her the entire time I bathed her. I filled the tub with minimal water and burt's bees baby soap. She smiled at me a few times and I just kept on jabbering. Justin was talking too.. referencing some sitcom on Netflix that we decided to watch together. Our Livy bean is such a peaceful babe. She seemed to really enjoy her first bath, especially when I started washing her hair. I loved those moments with her. This phase of life is by far my favorite with my girls. Still so small, depending on you for everything. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world to know that you are needed. I put some lovely lavender lotion on the babe before putting her in a size 3 month sleeper.. I instantly got emotional. My littlest girl will be five weeks on Thursday and it makes my heart ache. The time, it's just going by so quickly with her. I savor the moments between just us two so incredibly much. We have our middle of the night rendezvous too and I enjoy them. 

This is the best part about having more kids for me, so far. I know how quickly this all goes. I know what to look forward to, I know not to blink too quickly or I'll soon have a toddler before me. The journey that gets us there will most definitely be different with Olivia, as she's an entirely different human being than Ava. We've already started to pick up the differences between Ava at this age and Olivia at this age. There have been things that Olivia has done that we never experienced with Ava and vice versa. 

♥- Leilani

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