Life With Two

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Olivia will be four weeks old on Thursday, but today is honestly the first day it dawned on me just how much more of ME is required now that I have two children. Nothing crazy happened, it has honestly been a normal Tuesday. My day started at about 4am this morning (okay, that part is not so normal). Olivia woke up wide eyed and smiley (boy do I loves those sweet moments between me and my bean) and decided she didn't want to go back to sleep until after 6am. All would have been well except... I have a two year old that wakes up at 7am every single day. I woke up to a bare butt in my face letting me know she needed to go potty, NOW! I tried to look at the time while wiping the sleep from my eyes but that wasn't fast enough for my toddler's liking. I made sure Olivia was covered and secure before dashing to Ava's bathroom to assist her. 

After that, everything was just sort of chaotic. Olivia was still in a slumber so I took the opportunity to go and clean the man cave. Truthfully it's never really dirty, but I picked up the ginger ale cans Justin left behind, folded blankets, and cleared off the unnecessary stuff on Olivia's changing table. I then made my way in Ava's room and cleaned up the things she had managed to throw all over her room prior to her entering my room. Then I had to deal with a mad toddler at this point because this mama put the wrong puzzle pieces in the wrong places. I moved onto her bathroom and put the step stool back, but not before going into my room and clearing up the dirty clothes that needed to be brought downstairs. I cleaned off my bathroom counters, ran downstairs to the dinner table not being cleared off from the night before, and the large mound of dishes that sat in my sink.

I quickly cleared the table, put all the dishes in the sink, switched the load of laundry, and got Ava set up with her "moo moo" and a banana. I ran back up the stairs to check on the baby and then I started making my bed. I realized at this point that last night did not afford me a shower, but boy did I need one. I have never been that mom that goes without showering, ever. I can't believe I hadn't taken my free time last night to do so... any who, I did manage to brush my teeth, wash my face, and brush through my morning bed head.

At this point, Ava was calling for me to turn on the television. She eats so much better with her morning shows, so i obliged. I ran down the stairs to turn on her show while she ate, I handed her a blueberry yogurt, and I called Justin because he wasn't home yet.. which was strange because he always comes home after PT in the morning. During my phone call I went back upstairs to wake and change the baby. I knew she wasn't going to like that.. she absolutely hates being cold (just like her sister and daddy). Justin let me know one of his soldiers potentially had an appendix erupt during their 7 mile run.. so i figured it'd be awhile before we saw him. I nursed Olivia while we sat downstairs with her big sister, only to see Justin pulling up about 20 minutes later. 

Ava got so excited (just like every time her daddy walks through the door) and kept yelling, "Daddy!" right beside her baby sister who had just dozed back off to sleep. Luckily, she didn't wake her. While Justin showered and prepared to head out for his work day, I took that opportunity to help him get his work things together, get in some brief chit chat, and managed to do the entire sink of dishes (Thank Jesus for dishwashers).

So basically the conclusion of this post is... yes, life with two has required me to be more stealthy with my time. I took so many things for granted when we had Ava... like the ability to sleep when the baby slept, showering while the baby slept.. basically doing anything while the baby slept because now.. I literally have to sneak in every single moment I have. I ate breakfast between Olivia's "I'm about to wake up noises" and Ava going on and on about wanting chocolate moo moo instead of the " icky moo moo" I gave her. I can do things at top speed these days and I'm impressed with myself, truly. Justin has been around to help SO much since December, but those days are slowly but surely coming to an end, so it will most definitely be an adjustment for me with both girls by myself on a regular basis.

Even with a busier day, I look at my girls and I seriously BEAM. Who cares if my armpits cause my toddler to say, "Eww mommy." profusely. Who cares if my laundry pile is higher than I would like. And who cares if the UPS gal may have had a boob flash because I didn't reattach my nursing bra... the answer is NOONE.. Well maybe not that last one.. I myself would have turned 70 shades of red if my skin tone allowed for that.

The girls at around the same age. Just before 4 weeks.
LEFT: Ava bug
RIGHT: Livy bean 
♥- Leilani

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