Super Bowl 50

Sunday, February 7, 2016
These are the moments that I absolutely love being able to blog. Today was a special day in the Howland house... Why you ask? Our Denver Broncos made it to another Super Bowl and they WON! I can't really describe how incredible it felt as a fan to watch that magic happen. It's no secret that before I met my husband I was absolutely not an avid football fan. I would root for the Raiders because that is the team from the town I was born in. Other than that, I occasionally watched a game with my mom (She was the biggest football fan I knew before meeting my husband) and even then that wasn't very often. When I met Justin he had already established a love for the Denver Broncos, heck for football in general. He started playing football at the tender age of 8, and since then his love only grew. The one thing I love about Justin's passion for this game is the reasons behind it.

He sees football as a way of learning discipline, respect, team work, and being apart of something bigger than yourself. I never took a deep look in the seeds planted by a simple sport, but I have to admit, he was right. When we were dating I made the decision to embrace the Denver Broncos and learn everything that I could about them.I remember looking up rosters, franchise history, and trying to recite all that I learned to Justin (trying so hard to impress him). That was six years ago. It's crazy to think I've been an avid football fan for that long, but I wouldn't trade what the sport has brought to my life for anything. 

The past six years have been spent investing our money into memorabilia, jerseys, and all types of decor. We bought tickets to watch our team play in Atlanta (over three hours away from Justin's duty station in Georgia), the year Justin deployed and I can't even begin to describe how amazing of an experience that was. The year Ava was born the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl... only to be knocked out of the race (HARD) by their opponent. I guess the point of me writing this long winded post at 11pm is to document just how much we love this team.

Win or Lose it has always been the Broncos. Tonight, Ava bug, Livy Bean, Justin, and I were able to experience something that not all fans get to experience. We saw a victory. Ava was dancing up and down, clapping, and yelling, "BRONCOS!" all day long. Justin did his happy dances, his loud clap, and his handsome smile throughout the entire game. 

♥- Leilani

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