Two Weeks Old

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Day 7 (continued): I blogged about Olivia's 7th day of life and how her umbilical cord was still in tact... that totally changed after our first family trip to the park. I think her stump was being irritated by her onesies. It fell right off when I went to change her late in the day. With Ava, a nurse actually noticed her cord was dried up and ready to come off. He used alcohol pads to easily clean and remove the cord stump. With Olivia, I'm almost positive it came off a little too soon. It's continuing to heal and dry, and we are taking care of it accordingly.

Day 8: We made our first family trip of four to Target! It was a smooth trip and I ended up nursing our littlest love right in the middle of the store. No cover, no modesty.. it felt good to be this confident mama right from the start with my second babe. We also did some tummy time with our bean for the first time. She tolerated it longer than I was expecting. Right before we went to Target, we also experienced her first time spitting up. It was a minimal amount, but it still occurred. 

Day 9: This girl pretty much slept the entire day away. We did tummy time again today and she did such a great job. She is so incredibly strong and has excellent head control for a newborn. She was on the mat for well over 10 minutes and actually didn't fuss at all. It's nice seeing her beautiful eyes opened during "normal" hours of the day.

Day 10: We lounged around at home all day. Baby girl cuddled more with daddy than she did with mommy. Day 10 was a rough one, emotionally, for mama. I prayed that my vibes wouldn't rub off on you, but you were a little more fussy than usual. 

Day 11: We made our first trip to Seattle! While the circumstances weren't for the best reasons, you did get to meet your Grandma Esther for the first time. You slept most of our visit at the University Of Washington Medical Center, but you woke up during our lunch at Salty's. You also visited Alki Beach for the first time too. Olivia is an amazing car traveler and managed to sleep through afternoon traffic.

Day 12: Olivia went with mama to MOMS group. She weighs 8 lbs 4 ounces (past her birth weight). We made our first commissary trip... Olivia woke up crying. I knew she was hungry, I knew she wasn't in a deep sleep yet, so mama nursed her right on the floor in the commissary. I felt so terrible hearing my little newborn cry, but I was so proud of myself for stopping EVERYTHING I was doing to tend to the needs of my new babe. Had this been my first babe, I would have frantically rushed to the car.

Day 13: Olivia had her two week check up today and she checked out with a clean bill of health. We had our concerns about her umbilical stump.. but the doctor reassured us that it looks great, and that she looks wonderful. She has a stork bite on the back of her scalp, just like big sister Ava. We saw it at birth as well, but for some reason it stuck out more during her two week check up. She had a repeat of newborn metabolics taken (ouch), but she is completely jaundice and thrush free (Ava had both of these). Olivia rolled over for daddy and big sister Ava in the evening.. mommy missed it!

Day 14: We had our first 24 hours with only mama and her babies. Olivia, you did stupendous, as did your big sister. She helped with all of your needs.. grabbing blankets, diapers, wipes, etc. You slept most of the day.. I'm curious to see if you are going through a growth spurt already? You've been sleeping a bit more during the day, but also went to bed a little after 9pm. You've continued to co-sleep since the day you were born. I love sleeping so close to you, knowing you are safe and warm.

Two weeks old
♥- Leilani

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